Calling Web3 parents

I’m looking for early adopters to test my dapp DooCoins, a kids rewards app built on IC.

If you have kids aged 4 - 14 please check out :smile:


This is a really cool idea. Have real use case as education for kids. :+1:
And what is your plan for DooCoins ? can the kids later reimburse/exchange it for something ?
I mean, how to make this Doocoins is ‘valuable’ for them as a rewards ?

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I’m still figuring out how to give real value, one plan is to create a token, and add a savings feature which will be a bit like staking mixed with a trust fund.

At the moment I’m working on a kids version of the app where they can request rewards and mark tasks as complete, then the parent is notified to confirm the request.

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