DooCoins Kids rewards and financial literacy app

I am applying for a $5k Developer Grant.

Please review my application and discuss! See DFINITY’s directions for becoming a registered reviewer here. They will be collected by DFINITY. When one week passes, DFINITY will release them and they will appear as a new section on this post.

Please review my application and discuss! If you would like to submit an official review, then please use the links below to register, see the rubric, and submit a review.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s input!

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@jakepeg I love the idea of this app. This is not an official review, but just some initial comments. I’m not sure how much ability you have to adjust things now that it is in the system, bu perhaps the feedback will be helpful.

You want to do a lot! And $5k doesn’t go very far. Maybe you wrote this as a 25k grant initially? Scale it back. Get the IC in the hands of kids! What an awesome thing to do. I think your first couple goals are achievable on a $5k grant. Get the app kidified and then get it into the hands of some kids and capture data on there use. With success, report that back to DFINITY and go for a bigger grant.

My kids use ipads and get sucked in by all kinds of apps. I know you have grand plans of adding the task completion, but you can probably go to market without these feature and just give kids tokens and nfts. and see what the take up is.

I’d love to see you scale this back a bit end with success rather than being stressed if the money will go far enough.


thanks @skilesare, it’s great to get some feedback and to hear that you like the idea.

A lot of the heavy lifting is done on the frontend, which I’m not too phased about, as that’s my background. I’m doing initial work and research now to work out the backend technicalities so I can hit the ground running if I get the grant.

As far as I understand it, after the initial review, applications get to go through a milestone refinement process, and at that point I hope to be able to discuss with Dfinity about expectations, but I’m keen to get the features added, and would be happy to add more time onto the project timeline if necessary.

The NFTs to grant access to the premium features are currently being minted, should be ready for tomorrow. If you’d like to become an early adopter with your kids, message me your ICP wallet address and I’ll send some NFTs to you…


In your own words why does this make sense in a blockchain context vs anything else.
I think all things should be on chain eventually but there are hurdles and complexities to deal with blockchain/ICP
If NFTs are in your answer, specifically why NFTs vs just having a database indicating who has access


The main feature of the app is basically a ledger of points and transactions, so it’s well suited to blockchain in that sense.

I feel that when dealing with children’s data, data ownership is important so the decentralization capabilities of web3 is a great use case for it.

The app doesn’t use “real” crypto tokens, DooCoins value is decided by the parents, but the app resembles a banking app and a crypto wallet, with familiar fintech features, like the transaction screen, wallet, assets, goal setting etc. The aim of this is to teach basic financial literacy. The expectation is that crypto will become more mainstream, so including crypto education will be useful for future generations.

The idea of the NFTs is as a way of monetizing the app, using a freemium model, where NFT ownership grants access to premium features. A planned feature is create a dynamic nft in order to gamify task completion, where the nft evolves as the child completes tasks.

I hope this answers your questions


I’m coming into this review process a bit late; just waiting on some answers about the evaluation rubric.

I just wanted to let you know that as a parent myself I think this is a great idea. I literally just had a discussion with my wife and kids about setting up something like this. So you’ll have a new user here soon :).

I would like to know what your strategy is for protecting sensitive user information. I could easily see this becoming a concern as your product grows and you add more features.


That’s great that you like the idea and are interested in using the app.

It’s a good point, re data protection. At the moment the child firstname or nickname is stored, which corresponds to the parents PID, the child ID is made up of the parents PID+#1 for the first added child, PID+#2 etc. Then each child has a list of tasks and rewards. I’m weighing up whether or not remove the child name from the backend and use local storage. It would mean having to set the name on each device.

I intend on having the code audited before the marketing phase. I know this is a service that Code and State offer. This will be required with every major update.

To provide transparency to users, there is a privacy policy, which will be kept up to date - DooCoins Kids Rewards System - Privacy Policy and the new notifications screen can be used to inform users of any updates.


Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much informative.

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Happy to say that my grant application has been approved. Thanks for the feedback, comments and reviews. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and building out these new features :slight_smile:


Please share your progress int this thread :muscle:

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