Awarded: Bounty 2 - Add generic DAO functions and interface to Axon

Add generic dao functions and interface to Axon - #2

Current Status: Discussion

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Bounty Details

  • Current Bounty Amount: 10 ICP
  • Match Available: 10 ICP - (For every ICP sent to fca3c36aad1afdb8482670b4e644b73696155f18e02d12150ba997a628487abe, will add one more ICP to the bounty, up to 10 ICP, After 10 ICP, Donations to the above address will add .25 ICP to this issue and .75 ICP to fund other initiatives)
  • Time Left: Expires 12/31/2022
  • Project Type: Single Contributor
  • Opened: 11/01/2021
  • Time Commitment: Days
  • Project Type: Traditional
  • Experience Type: Intermediate - Motoko; Intermediate - Web Dev
  • Issue Type: Application Development


This bounty gives the opportunity to

  • learn how motoko works
  • learn how the nns works
  • learn about DAOs and how governance works.
  • learn about building IC applications with next.js

ICDevs needs some DAO like features for our Developer Advisory Board and Developer Advisors to interact and lead the funding of ICDevs projects.

We want to use axon for “motion” votes, but currently the application submits those to the NNS for everyone to vote on. This, and a couple more features will need to be added to satisfy this bounty. Our fork is at GitHub - icdevsorg/axon: DAO in a box

To claim this bounty you will need to do the following:

  • Add the following features to the back end of axon
    • Add an Axon level “manage axon” option that is a “Motion”. If this motion passes or fails, there does not need to be an action taken, it just needs to be recorded as part of the app. The Motion should have a URL Field and a Text Field.
    • Add an administrator role that can be used to limit the ability to create new axons.(we will be deploying a new instance and only ICDevs will be able to create axons on our server…this is due to cycle issues with the public instance)
    • Add the ability for a proposer to burn a members token.
    • Add “the ability for a proposer to burn a member’s token” as a flag on set policy.
    • Add the ability for transfers of governance tokens to be restricted.
    • Add “the ability to restrict token transfers” as a flag on set policy.
  • Update the axon user interface(a next.js app)
    • Add the new flags to the Manage Neuron dialog
    • Add a burn token button and function that is only available to a proposer
    • Remove the transfer button on the ledger if restricted
    • Add a screen to view a motion
    • update the logo and theme to focus on powered by Axon
    • add an about link that links to an anchor at the bottom of the page where we can add informational html to the page.

To apply for this bounty you should:

  • Include links to previous work writing tutorials and any other open-source contributions(ie. your github).
  • Include a brief overview of how you will complete the task. This can include things like which dependencies you will use, how you will make it self-contained, the sacrifices you would have to make to achieve that, or how you will make it simple. Anything that can convince us you are taking a thoughtful and expert approach to this design.
  • Give an estimated timeline on completing the task.
  • Post your application text to the Bounty Thread

Selection Process

The developer’s advisors will propose a vote to award the bounty and the Developer Advisors will vote.

Bounty Completion

Please keep your ongoing code in a public repository(fork or branch is ok). Please provide regular (at least weekly) updates. Code commits count as updates if you link to your branch/fork from the bounty thread. We just need to be able to see that you are making progress.

The balance of the bounty will be paid out at completion.

Once you have finished, please alert the dev forum thread that you have completed work and where we can find that work. We will review and award the bounty reward if the terms have been met. If there is any coordination work(like a pull request) or additional documentation needed we will inform you of what is needed before we can award the reward.

Bounty Abandonment and Re-awarding

If you cease work on the bounty for a prolonged(at the Developer Advisory Board’s discretion) or if the quality of work degrades to the point that we think someone else should be working on the bounty we may re-award it. We will be transparent about this and try to work with you to push through and complete the project, but sometimes, it may be necessary to move on or to augment your contribution with another resource which would result in a split bounty.


The bounty was generously funded by the community. If you would like to turbocharge this bounty you can seed additional donations of ICP to fca3c36aad1afdb8482670b4e644b73696155f18e02d12150ba997a628487abe. ICDevs will match the bounty 1:1 for the first 10 ICP and then 0.25:1 after that. All donations will be tax deductible for US Citizens and Corporations. If you send a donation and need a donation receipt, please email the hash of your donation transaction, physical address, and name to More information about how you can contribute can be found at our donations page.

General Bounty Process


The draft bounty is posted to the DFINITY developer’s forum for discussion


The developer advisor’s board will propose a bounty be ratified and a vote will take place to ratify the bounty. Until a bounty is ratified by the Dev it hasn’t been officially adopted. Please take this into consideration if you are considering starting early.

Open for application

Developers can submit applications to the Dev Forum post. The council will consider these as they come in and propose a vote to award the bounty to one of the applicants. If you would like to apply anonymously you can send an email to austin at icdevs dot org or sending a PM on the dev forum.


A developer is currently working on this bounty, you are free to contribute, but any splitting of the award will need to be discussed with the currently assigned developer.

In Review

The Dev Council is reviewing the submission


The award has be been given and the bounty is closed.


We are waiting on our first community match.

Other Bounties


We are accelerating this bounty with another 10 ICP from the DFINITY Accelerator Grant, so the total reward is now 20 ICP.

Once we have this working we’ll be able to accelerate our NNS governance oversight by community developers. It won’t be a pure DAO, but it will be as close as we can get under the 501c3 structure.

The official link is Bounty - Generic DAO - Axon Fork and this bounty is up to $2000.

I’d like to apply for this bounty!

Here’s my info:

1. Links to previous work writing tutorials and any other open-source contributions(ie. github).

2. A brief overview of how I will complete the task.
I’m pretty familiar with the code for Axon. It’s very well written so I’ll be keeping everything pretty much the same except adding in the needed features for the bounty. In addition, there are a few other minor things which do need to be cleaned up to bring the repo up-to-date.

For example, some of the auto-generated DFX commands in the UI have syntax which no longer works. It’s also possible to add Hot Keys from within the NNS App now, so it would be great to give users a way to connect neurons without using DFX.

When trying to use the existing Axon dapp, I had to fund the canister with cycles because it had run out. Even though will be using their own instance, it might be good to add a convenient ICP address that people can use to donate/top-up cycles without needing to use DFX.

3. An estimated timeline on completing the task.
I won’t be able to start on this until early November, and I’ll be working on it in parallel with another project. I think it’s doable before the end of November, but just to be safe I’ll commit to having it done before the end of Dec.

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This bounty is assigned to @aiv .

I’m super excited about this as it will really help with daoifying ICDevs!

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