Introducing Canister Builder DAO (CBD)

What’s Canister Builder DAO?

A community of builders who believe in the potential of Internet Computer, and collectively build a stronger Internet Computer ecosystem.


CanisterBuilderDAO exists to advance the technology and adoption of Internet Computer.


  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion


  • Foster & Build Developer Tools & Public Infrastructure
  • Create & Promote Community Standards to Advance Interoperability in Internet Computer Ecosystem
  • Onboard, Educate & Support New Developers for Internet Computer

What is a Season?

A discrete period of time for DAO members to come together to align on projects and initiatives that help us deliver on our mission, values, and goals.

Objectives for each future Season must be defined upfront (process TBD) and, prior to ending a Season, a retrospective must be carried out to ensure we can learn and improve (process TBD).

What is CBD going to do next?

Season 0:

  • Neuron construction and related follow announcements
  • Official website launched
  • CBP-1: CBP Process
  • CBP-2: Fungible Token Standard
  • CBP-3:Develop admission criteria for absorbing high-quality infrastructure libraries, such as good unit tests and good documentation, and the development of the process of admission
  • Absorb more than 3 high-quality infrastructure libraries for the organization, and actively promote the community activity of related projects
  • Regular meetups

What can you do with CBD?

If you are a developer working on an IC project, you can find ready-to-use, high-quality libraries in CBD’s infrastructure library to help you better develop your project.

If your project is an infrastructure library, you can contact CBD and join the CBD infrastructure library. CBD will bring more users to your project. At the same time, the infrastructure library inside the CBD will undergo an internal review, which will allow Your project to quickly gain the trust of users, and CBD will also have regular sharing to help you promote your project.

If you do something convenient to standardize on IC, you can submit a proposal through CBD’s Github for more community development participants in the development of the standard to provide you with more discussion and feedback.

Which projects already support CBD?




Deland Labs

DfinitySZ ∞

Dfinity Việt Nam


iBridge Labs


IC Lighthouse


ICP League

IC Port

IC Naming


Congratulations and look forward to the power CBD brings to the IC ecosystem! Looking forward to more standardization and more quality infrastructure


This is another major event in the IC ecosystem, Welcome!

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:tada: :tada: :tada: Congratulation!
The IC ecosystem will become more robust as more and more developers join in.

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oh its soooo great!!!

Awesome,build an ecosystem together

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Congratulations! When will the CBD launch or it’s already launched?

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To all reading this forum post, I say this in the context of the last “DAO” hack.

Don’t give anyone your Internet Identity or pool any ICP before they have delivered something to the community.

This poorly named “CBD” DAO has low quality support replies from a few people who haven’t posted on the forum in quite some time, as well as from a poster asking to join who just two days ago posted about the ICProposal rug pull. As the popular saying goes, “who smelt it, dealt it” - and it would be an understatement to call me skeptical after reading this post and the replies.

I’m glad the commenters above are enthusiastic, but I honestly have no idea what this group is contributing or stands for if one of their roadmap items is to “absorb” infrastructure libraries.

Do your research and due diligence before joining any DAO.

@diegop Even if this DAO is legit, as the IC gets more popular we may need to start filtering out potential spam/scams that make their way to the forums.


Good job! Expect CBD and IC ecology to get better and better.

I would DEFINITELY second the sentiments from @justmythoughts. I am very skeptical as well; but willing to listen.


please be patient and pay attention to us, and thank you for your reply. I don’t think it’s wise to simply make judgments before we fully understand them.

First of all, Canister Builder DAO does not need to accept any ICP from the community, we ourselves are early participants in ICP and have some early investors and their ticket positions supporting us, who are discussing with these great developers and really want to contribute to the IC ecosystem. We plan to include the Canister Builder DAO in the governance party as a followable voter in the unopened proposal.

We have rarely spoken in forums before, but more through teleconferences, which you can check out on my Youtube channel: We have been in the public eye since 2017, when DFINITY first appeared have built a relevant community and continued to work on the technology.

I must admit that we don’t communicate enough with the developer community because many developers are busy with their own projects, but in the future we will be more involved in forum discussions.Thank you for your advice.

Why did we only absorb some infrastructure libraries in the early days? Because we hope that Canister Builder DAO will attract more developers with their own point of view early on, so we took a non-intrusive approach (i.e. absorbing the good parts of other infrastructure libraries) to build the standard, rather than inviting all developers to comply by putting out a set of code. Please refer to the early standards development in the ethereum community, without which it is difficult to achieve consensus in the community.

If you have more questions, we will hold a twitter space on Friday at 2pm CET.


I just want to know who really cares about the IC infrastructure because there are a lot of developers whose work is difficult to carry out right now because of the uncertainty of token&wallet warranties.

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Congratulations, and welcome more builders to participate in the construction of IC ecology. :motoko_go:

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Thank you for the detailed and well written response to my criticism.

There are many projects aiming to build libraries and standards for the Internet Computer, and developers who build and maintain those libraries. Why does it make sense to make a DAO for this and centralize control of those libraries, especially a DAO without SNS governance? GitHub and the Open Source community is decentralized by nature.

DFINITY will continue to iterate on Motoko and fundamental IC libraries, and the community will continue to build out the gaps in between as needed. For example, the JavaScript is maintained by ECMA and the W3C, but the ecosystem is not centralized around a single organization - many developer organizations exist that produce their own code and content without a DAO being involved, and their repos are used/starred on those merits.

Regardless of my negativity and skepticism, I very much appreciate your response to my criticism, and wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.


Welcome dfinity. Hope your good news.

CanisterBuilderDAO’s first community meeting will be held on Twitter Space.

:alarm_clock: 2:30pm CET Mar 18, 2022

Come join us!


Great initiative, happy to support it!

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Hey @CanisterBuilderDAO it might be a good idea to change the category for this topic to Governance. Right now it is in the General category, but you are actually making a governance proposal. I think if this topic were in the governance category it would have been more widely known before you submitted your NNS proposal. It seems your organization may be well recognized throughout Asia, but I don’t think it’s recognizable globally yet. It also isn’t a recognizable name that has been involved in forum discussions.

I think it is awesome that your organization wants to improve the IC ecosystem and wish you the best of luck. I look forward to learning more about the organization and hearing your thoughts and ideas regarding projects as well as governance topics.

Also, you submitted a Motion type of Governance proposal today. There is no action that will occur based on that proposal other than your own self guided response to the outcome. If you intended to become a named Followee in the NNS dApp, then you need to submit a RegisterKnownNeuron type of Governance proposal. If it passes, then your neuron will be listed automatically.

@zire are you familiar with this group? Any chance you could expand on the people involved and the impact the group has had in the IC community? I just don’t know who they are yet and want to learn.


I have to admit I don’t entirely understand proposal 52133. What does it actually propose? What are we voting for? @CanisterBuilderDAO could you maybe clarify?


@Manu This is a test propose, please ignore it.
When the launch of the official proposal will twitter announced