[BUG] https://internetcomputer.org/community unresponsive

There’s an issue with the website; when scrolling, it becomes unresponsive, forcing you to kill the tab.

Follow the link and test it on your devices/browsers:

It works fine here. Tested on various browsers on Mac and my iPhone.

Anyone else noticing the issue?


I can confirm also that it takes forever to load the page and freezes on a win11 laptop with 16GB ram on Brave , Chrome and Edge all latest versions.

I also tried it on a Windows 11 desktop PC with the following browsers: Edge, Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, and Firefox, but it always freezes.

P.S. It’s working normally on my Android phone.

Thanks @ZackDS and @Ajki for details. Cannot help myself but, I forward the post to the team right now.