Is this forum & IC website running on the Internet Computer Blockchain?

For a while i was always thinking if the dfinity developer forum is running fully on the Internet Computer Blockchain?

And same for the webiste, running fully on the Internet Computer Blockchain?


Im pretty sure is on the IC but this forum site I’m not sure. It looks like this is a part of an application called Discourse and I’m not sure if that’s on the IC.

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That would be interesting to know. And if not, what the reason would be.

It’s not. I did see at least one team working on converting a web3 forum to ICP.
The problem is the backend has to be rewritten, its a whole new stack and paradigm
It might be a while is my guess, for dfinity to switch the forums, at least until some feature parity and stability


I’d like to see this. I just want everything run on the IC lol

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What would be the problem to migrate this on to the Internet Computer Blockchain?
I would like to hear if this is true and why. If its not on chain its not bad, but why, would be interesting to know. From a official source pls. is an alternate way to access, so yes, it is hosted on the IC. And here’s how it gets deployed.

@ckMood is right, the forum is Discourse and that doesn’t run on the IC. We’d love to switch to an ICP-hosted solution, but there is nothing with the right features out there right now, at least as far as we know of.

@IC_Maximillion the biggest blockers IMO are 1) that it’s just a lot of effort to translate, 2) there are paradigms that need to be adjusted (e.g. no ready-to-use file system) and 3) email is usually used for account creation, and a few other tasks and that’s not too easy to implement on the IC right now


Thank you for the detailed answer, appreciate it.
Great work, thanks!

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Until a couple of weeks ago, when loading before the website loaded there was a quick loading screen that sayd " Powered by internet computer " + -, with the IC logo.
Do you know the reason why it got removed?

Thank you.

If the ICP crash, we need somewhere else to talk I guess.

Hey @IC_Maximillion

We have the HTTP gateway protocol to serve web content from the IC. This protocol specifies how assets are certified and verified. There are different implementations of the HTTP gateway protocol. The service worker is one of them (and that loading screen belongs to that). For various reasons, we are removing the service worker and using the HTTP gateway implementation on the boundary node directly (more information here). That’s why you don’t see the loading screen anymore. The website is still hosted on the IC.


Hi @rbirkner

Thank you for the detailed answer, i appreciate it!
Great work guys! So much going on :slight_smile: