Be a part of Neurotic Pod's New Years special

Hello ICP Developer Forum Fam!

ICPJesse here, cohost of Neurotic Podcast with the irreplaceable @Kyle_Langham. We’re planning a special end of year Neurotic Podcast episode and looking for you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: to be a part of it!

Please record a 1-3min MP3 of yourself (via voice memos on your phone works great!) about your Internet Computer Resolutions for next year – it can be what you want to build, what you want to celebrate, what you’re looking forward to for the ICP in 2023. It’s a broad prompt by design for you to make your own. Last day to upload Dec 25th. Introduce yourself, say your piece and upload your MP3 file here to be a part of the show!

An audio description and additional notes about the special can be found on the latest episode of Neurotic released today (Also covers SNS-1 updates, DSCVR voting features, BTC Integration, ntangle, wApps and Netflix’s Wednesday)

Thank you! Please feel free to leave any additional questions below!

  • Jesse