Supernova builder(s) needed. future depends on you


I am looking for a builder (engineer), or two, who can join me in the Supernova hackathon. My wish is to create a unique NFT platform solarpunk.icp - a decentralized crowdfunding platform for long-term regenerative land projects built on the Internet Computer. I, personally, have a need for this and thought to use the opportunity and build out something others can use as well. So what started as a personal NFT project, is pulled towards a common marketplace. It fits well within the Public Good/ Social Impact hackathon group.

Let me show you how to join many things in this one idea.

Basically, this niche platform would be a great marketing for the Internet Computer. We can demonstrate the composability of the Open Internet, Internet Identity, chain key cryptography, and scalable crypto cloud capabilities. But most importantly, we could lead the way for a better future. Real-world transformation. Putting crypto to actual use to solve fundamental problems. To inspire a better world. To increase harmony between nature and us.

Some further things to get excited about

  • Solarpunk is a meme-rich domain. It is yearning for harmony in an inspiring artistic way. It is hope. It is a beacon. It is to-be-defined - created by us. This is a global endeavor, with unique local circumstances.
  • Local good, global reach. The only way to achieve global harmony is through local harmony.
  • You might not realize, yet, how much we should be exploring harmonious regenerative existence. But ultimately and literally, it is the root-challenge for humanity to solve. We can use our unique decentralized crypto cloud and lead this regeneration process.
  • NFTs are a trojan horse for crypto and the Internet Computer. It allows onboarding non-crypto people. It allows building global communities around an idea, either digital or local. The possibilities are endless.
  • Using Internet Identity to onboard non-crypto people to public good projects.
  • Demonstrating composability, like integrating Openchat to the marketplace. No need for discord.
  • Demonstrating immutable and mutable NFTs (different canisters offer different options for developers).
  • Demonstrating scalable and cost-efficient data storage
  • Treasury management, partially mandatory 8y neuron. Incentives long-term projects and stabilized ICP.
  • Allow ICP, BTC payments (demonstrating native integration with BTC)
  • Allow collections with “revealed/ actualized” and “hidden/ potential” NFTs. That is, part of the crowdfunding is visible, part is yet to be defined (mystery box), yet all is for public sale. This is a custom behaviour that the usual marketplaces don’t have. But it is needed for evolving regenerative long-term projects. Living design is in the flow, not planning everything ahead.

The success of the Internet Computer lies in the value that is created ON the platform. That’s the next evolutionary wave of crypto. Speculation/ potential is needed, but worthless without real-world utility. I believe Internet Computer is superbly positioned to lead here. And that’s where the solarpunk.icp marketplace aims to play.

Any one interested in building out the base within the Supernova hackathon?