Suggestion: Offering an option to stake the airdrop ICP at NNS, or just to lock it at Coinlist like now

Hey holders and leaders @ililic @Mike_DFN,

By now, everyone’s airdrop ICP are locking at Coinlist, and releasing monthly.

Is it possible and practical that we airdrop recipients can have a choice to stake those airdrop ICPs in NNS (maybe with at least 1 year or so locking term), or to just lock it at Coinlist ?

Because staking airdrop ICPs at NNS will benefit much more than just locking them at Coinlist:

  • On the one hand, the more ICP staking at NNS, the more robust the whole NNS will be.
  • On the other hand, staking the ICP at NNS benefits the holder much more than just locking them at Coinlist.

The original idea comes from @tlbalog. Many thanks for that!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this suggestion.


This would be particularly helpful for the network and its decentraization effort because it’ll potentially onboard thousands of neurons immediately. The team should give it serious thought.

I think the potential result is worth the effort.


Yes please! I would vote for this proposal with my already staked airdrop slice