BABY AROF will enter the real world

BABY AROF will enter the real world with the help of the COE project and create its first physical business!

The COE development plan started its activity with the aim of creating a community-oriented economy, and the main goal of this project is to link traditional markets with decentralized token structures.
In this plan, the project or business in question can link traditional businesses to its token and benefit the community of its token holders by considering the specified conditions.

By considering the right conditions for marketing and the customer club of the physical store, you can grow the community and share the customers in the sales profit!

BABY AROF plans to open a deli to be the first restaurant to be linked to the standard DIP20 token. BABY AROF commits to share 10% of the net sales profit with its token community within the specified framework!

Attending customers will realize that if they prepare food from the desired restaurant, they can share in the sales profit and earn profit from the entire sale of the restaurant.

The BABY AROF team has spent 3.3 million of their tokens to build a cash pool with 1% COE tokens.
BAYARO/COE trading pool is now active and COE tokens can be traded. But no token distribution has been done in the COE project yet!
The construction document of this liquidity pool is burned and completely decentralized!

The creator of the BABY AROF project will take further steps to grow the BABY AROF token.

AROF is trying to host its first training event! In this educational event, all the money received from the participants will be purchased as BABY AROF tokens and returned to the participants. In this training course, participants will learn more about the cryptocurrency world and learn about the opportunities of the ICP blockchain.
Also, the participants will realize that their tokens will increase in price by selling more of this training course, so they can make more profit by supporting this training event!

The prospect of two COE and BABY AROF projects will inform the Saudi market, which can be promising during the economic recession!

The investment of the restaurant will be done by the development team of BABY AROF.


We see great prospects for BABY AROF and hope that BABY AROF tokens can be considered as a payment method in the near future!
The BABY AROF development team has less than 2% of the total liquidity and will soon test the small advertising wave. The BABY AROF token is currently one of the most decentralized assets on the ICP blockchain


Soon we will complete the first connection to the traditional market with the help of your token! The future belongs to cryptocurrencies, the community-oriented economy is the right of the community in a completely decentralized way!
Creating community-oriented economy by private banks is worthless!


COE is about what exactly?
What is prefered the most, hold coe tokens or baby arof?


We do not offer direct… The COE project aims to create an economic flow and link traditional businesses with its token structure.

The BABY AROF project is an open token that is fully distributed and decentralized.

In this cooperation and development of the first traditional business, both projects will benefit directly. 20% of the net income is used to purchase BABY AROF tokens, these purchased tokens are distributed among the community with the help of the reward pool.
A supplementary plan will be published soon. People who hold COE tokens will share in the profits of both projects. If you keep BABY AROF tokens, we suggest you also keep a small amount of COE.


I’m so grateful to find your project!

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It is our honor to have a strong and aware community, your presence in the BABYAROF community is an honor.
We ask you to read more, if you have a share, that is, a part of the project that belongs to you, please try your own project, get training and give us feedback to speed up the improvement.

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