Android Users - No passkey available problem

Any Android users have the same problem?

After adding the android device as a passkey on the NNS, when trying to log in to the NNS the device says:

This is happening since the software update (ONE UI 6.0) back in late February 2024 and ever since.

Is there a way for the Passkey Team to work around this problem so that it works again like it did before the software update rolled out?

On the Samsung forum i see many people are having the same problem, unrelated to ICP or the NNS.

Hi @IC_Maximillion

Do you have a recovery phrase? Your best bet is to probably recover using the phrase and creating a new passkey after recovering. We also had reports internally, that after a reboot of the phone it will work again (for a while).

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately that is a problem with Samsung phones that we cannot do anything about (except offering recovery methods).

Please report back, whether recreating the passkey after recovery has helped. Thanks.

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Hi @frederikrothenberger

Yes, and also got other devices that still work of course (luckily).
It was only one device after the Samsung ONE UI 6.0 software update was installed the passkeys were not working anymore. Even after removing and creating a new passkey for the same device via NNS, the device did not recognize the passkey as it always did before the new software update.

It looks like i have to install the Samsung Pass App and register with a email adress, then it should be possible to store the passkey within the Samsung Pass App.
Before the software update, the passkey would stick to the phone without having to install a Samsung Pass App and without having to register a account and email adress. Something i dont trust because they could have info about the passkey then, could that be possible?

Other then that everything is fine, thanks for the support.

Ah right. I heard reports of this previously as well. They might be doing something similar to what Apple is doing (they mandate iCloud sync). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it on our side.

I think you’re rightfully skeptical of Samsung Pass which AFAIK also synchronizes passkeys.

@bjoern: IIRC, you said you found an option to still register Passkeys without Samsung Pass. Did you have to change some settings?

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Yes thats what came to mind aswell… So how is everybody else doing it with iPhones? Just using the iCloud sync? Thanks for the support, after that, that was all.

That would be really great if you knew how to do it. ?