State of the Internet Computer

What’s the big picture state of the IC today?

There seem to be many challenges that were either not anticipated or remain unmet. I can identify a few big ones:

  1. The decline of the ICP/market cap has not reversed, resulting in reduced awareness and adoption of the project.
  2. Bitcoin integration has not gone main, despite being well beyond the originally targeted timeline.
  3. It isn’t clear how far and how timely decentralization can and will take place.
  4. There is much uncertainty about whether and how censorship will be enforced.

I would really appreciate an honest assessment of those issues, as well as identifying areas where things have gone better than anticipated.

The employees, I hope, are feeling motivated and positive in the face of some challenges.

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Ok. So here is a perspective from a person who is not a dfinity employee.

The best thing is the easy approachability of core devs who are building out the protocol. I can sense their deep technical expertise without being arrogant.

On the technical capability front, i think IC is , by leaps and bound, ahead of the competition. It is only a matter of time (i am so sick of " it’s only a matter of time" myself) before the ICP utilization kicks in and therefore the adoption.

The BTC Integration is definitely MUCH SLOWER than expected. However , as i spoken about before, we have one chance to get it right(there’s a reason why it has not been implemented before) and better to take the time to get it right, imo.

We are nowhere close to real decentralization from a real world standpoint. We don’t have diversity of node providers, nor the location diversity of these node providers and there are real concerns about subnets being greater than n nodes(where n is not that large). Additionally NNS (governance) is highly centralized right now in context of whose vote speaks the loudest.

The censorship will need to be enforced. It is foolishness to assume that any country will just let all content unfiltered. There are many different nuances to what is content. But I don’t think that the community is upto complete terms with it. Some of us live in a utopian world where they think that no "speech " should be banned.

So overall, i think we have our positives and our negatives. However all obstacles, if history is an indicator, can be overcome with time and effort with a common cause community.


I suspect with time we will situate ourselves within the top 5 ( sns, btc integration, eth integration and other ecdsa chains ) this is a huge task but is seriously an impressive feature.

Decentralisation is a blanket term, and as far as I’m concerned no project is yet “fully decentralised” as money/coin=power, (btc miner centralisation) , a few eth validators making majority of validations, as well as other centralised problems surrounding itself ( AWS etc )

I think we need badlands and a few other tech implementations to become sufficiently decentralised which may take years. I guess we got a 20 year roadmap for a reason, although maybe a decentralisation roadmap could also be added to the main roadmap


20 years… think about this for a moment…
Does this make sense to you?

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Eth has 7 years, it is really good and is stil haveing a loot of problem and in can’t do what icp can do now or upcoming weeks. You can’t expect after 1 year from birth to be in top 3. This is a matter of years. This is one of the reason why eth is 1.500 and icp is 6. You have to be patient, if you like the tech just fallow and involve to help it grows. If you invest only for proffit, forget that for 2-3 years.
I hope i will not offended somebody!

You got me wrong. What I was saying is that no entity can have a roadmap of 20 years. Companies, crypto, whatever you may think. 5 years is the farther you can go and this is stretched. Too many tech change too fast. Have nothing to do with ETH or other. 20 years just does not make sense. It is a great sales pitch. That’s all.


Do you know anyone that invest for lost? Why would someone invest other than profit, or charity? But I don’t think anyone invest in crypto for charity.

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Good one! Mea culpa ! Also what i do, but i’m expecting profit after looong time !
My case, invest xxxx sum of money in a 8year, non disolving neuron, i expect to get my investment back in 4-5 years from spawning maturity. What will come in next 20 years is a bonus.
Also i like IC, it’s like the begining of internet, everyday (year) is something new :slight_smile:

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Hello Jonathan,

We are new to the forum, but have been looking at the IC, and the work of DFINITY for sometime. We finally decided it’s a serious project, and worth actually developing DAPPs for it.

About your questions, here is an outsider view who uses and has programmed other chains:

  1. We are in the middle of a crash, caused by self inflicted wounds in the war in Ukraine, add to that factor the previous billions of worthless paper printed as money and we have a difficult year ahead, maybe 2 or 3.

As a consequence of one we are entering a Crypto Winter, I hope it lasts a year, or two, not more.

  1. About Bitcoin integration, this software is ambitious, it’s not easy to do, hint: no one has ever done what the IC wants to do, a bridge less integration.

  2. Don’t sweat this, it will improve as the chain grows.

  3. Can you tell me more about censorship, I don’t know anything about this topic, I’d love to know more.



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I invest in crypto partially for charity… Just throwing it out there @coteclaude I like the idea of donating maturity to individuals who could truly benefit from monetary assistance. So, I am saving some maturity specifically for when the bull run happens I can donate to real causes (when they become readily available). Personally, I do not like using banks. A savings account gives you absolutely no interest. I invested in the IC for many reasons. One of which is that my savings will make 20% not.08% the banks offer, then when the price does go up my savings go up and I can use my maturity for donations, cycles, boosting the ecosystem, etc., etc. While yes, the main objective is to increase my own savings. Donating maturity at some point in time, will not only be useful to those in need, but you could also use it to offset your gains by writing the donation off in your taxes. I know this is off-topic and not related to @Jonathan’s post however, I think it is useful feedback to have in the community.

Your outlook @coteclaude is aligning very closely with mine as time goes on my friend… I do support you creating a Named Neuron for this reason.

Oh boy, 20 years? Lol. There are so many variables that can derail this whole venture in just 1 year, nevermind 20 years… that said, the current administration has a hard on for any company that will upset their monopoly on speech and their mass media power structure/ proxies, and ICP is in their sights… personally I’m looking at Lightning Network and their recent press release highlighting their partnership with another innovative blockchain to get a protocol out before ICP that could be adopted on a larger scale. Its a race, and ICP made big promises over the past year that enticed investors like me, so when I hear some of these comments it makes me want to pull my investment and put it into much more stable investments that promote free speech and innovation.

What partnership are you referring to?

Hi @Frank, and welcome to the forum! In spite of the areas of concern I listed, I think you’ve made a wise decision to develop for the IC.

  1. Can you tell me more about censorship, I don’t know anything about this topic, I’d love to know more.

Sure. As I understand it, the plan is to have IC boundary nodes with a physical presence in a state jurisdiction censor the stored data (canisters) they interact with according to the laws of that state.

See here and here to catch up on “Mariogate” and subsequent discussion.

While it isn’t clear how this will ultimately play out, I do believe we’ll find a way.

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