Allow SNS projects to specify the date and time of the decentralization sale

Right now there’s a 24 hour countdown once the final SNS proposal passes, but this could result in the decentralization sale kicking off at a random time (i.e. not exactly on the hour).

One place that this could work well would be in the sns.yml config file. Imagine if developers could specify:

// (optional, default is to kick off the sale 24 hours after proposal passes)
sale_datetime: {
  // the time of day in hours (0-24) that the proposal will kick off
  hour_utc: ... // 2pm
  // (optional) the number of days gap between the proposal passing and the launch
  // probably set a max of 7
  days_to_wait: ...
  // (optional) the day of week to start the sale (Sun-Sat, chooses the next occurrence of that day)
  day_of_week: ...

A scheduled time would then allow developer, product, and marketing teams to properly prep PR for the sale event at least a week in advance.


Thanks for the feedback! The team says they would also like to have that possibility

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