Add Cycles to Local DFX Wallet

How do I increase the cycle wallet balance for my local NNS setup?

Is there a dfx command to send cycles to a local canister’s cycles wallet?


I don’t know for NNS but, for a particular canister I have this npm script shortcut juno/package.json at 72c4628a4a90a3b38f311fdb1c171727db41d60e · junobuild/juno · GitHub

i.e. dfx wallet send cokmz-oiaaa-aaaal-aby6q-cai 20000000000000

Hello Sir,

Thank you, yes I tried that unfortunately the local wallet that controls topping up the canister is out of cycles:

It’s this wallet I want to send cycles to so it can top up canisters. The solution maybe a fresh new local NNS setup, was just hoping to avoid resetting it up.

No idea then unfortunately.

Just for the record, I solved this by:

Going to the local NNS link, for my PC it’s:

Linking the canister from my local dev in here and topping it up like I would with a normal canister:

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dfx ledger fabricate-cycles <canister-id> should also do the trick

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Yes I tried that a few times initially but assumed it had been deprecated:

Now I know it should have worked, is there something wrong with my dfx setup?

can you try it with the canister name? If ids aren’t working that’s a bug we should fix

That didn’t work either:

It’s dfx ledger fabricate-cycles --canister OpenFPL_backend

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You are correct sir:

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