Dfx 0.10.0 is promoted

Release notes: Release Notes | Internet Computer Developer Portal

Some highlights:

The default subnet type is now application for local networks. This means cycles limits will match the values enforced for your canisters on mainnet, and the local replica will track cycle usage for your canisters. You can top up your local canisters with the new dfx ledger fabricate-cycles command.

We’ve upgraded the cycles wallet to support 128-bit operations. You will need to upgrade it with dfx wallet upgrade and/or dfx wallet --network ic upgrade .

dfx can now store private keys in an encrypted format.


dfx upgrade doesn’t seem to be working. This is what I’m getting


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Known issue, @ericswanson is on it I think.
Current workaround: run DFX_VERSION=0.10.0 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL https://sdk.dfinity.org/install.sh)" in your shell to upgrade manually.

The install doesn’t need to specify DFX_VERSION, but dfx upgrade and dfx toolchain install are currently known to be broken.


Much appreciate a follow-up note to this thread when the basic ‘dfx upgrade’ command is fixed.

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Can we actually somehow access the cycle usage of a canister like in the motoko playground?


Currently the only way is to repeatedly query dfx canister status <canister name> and parsing the response.


The dfx upgrade command is fixed.


You are friggin awesome. Much appreciate all the system work you create.

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