How to use Faucet Cycles to Pay for a Canister in the NNS

Recently I got some cycles using the IC Faucet, and the coupon from Discord.

However, after the process ends I can not find those cycles anywhere, or use them to pay for Canisters for development.

I do see some cycles in the default identity on DFX, but how do I move those cycles from that default wallet to my NNS Principal or Identity so I can pay for the canisters?

This is what I do see in the dfx output:

Can I move those cycles to one of my Internet Identity balances and buy cycles from the NNS interface, or do I need to do something else?

You don’t need to send them to the NNS wallet.
Just use dfx.

dfx canister --network ic deposit-cycles 1000000000000 mycanister
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@infu Thanks, so that command you shared:

dfx canister --network ic deposit-cycles 100000000 mycanister

Would take the existing cycles in the default wallet I showed above, and send them to the canister correct?

Then the only thing missing would be to use the NNS to get the canister itself, because that also has to be paid. Correct?

When you deploy with dfx, you’ll automatically create a canister with some cycles through the associated cycles wallet.