About the Intros category

This is the spot for newcomers to DFINITY”s Discourse where you can introduce yourself and meet other like-minded members of the community. Some ideas to get you started…. What are you currently hacking on? Where are you logging in from? What gets you excited about the Internet Computer?

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Hello World from Orinda

how do you create a new topic? Ive looked for hours now and can’t work it out. Doesn’t bode well for creating an application on the Internet Computer if I can’t work out how to post.

ah apparently you have to reply to a thread before the New Topic button appears, either that or I’m blind

Hi Everyone! Hello from Slovakia

Hello everyone! I post a message here so that I can create a new topic to introduce myself to the community :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi Replying here so I can post a topic sigh it would be nice if this was obvious with a greyed out button or something that told you what the deal was…

Hello world from SF!

Hi everyone!
I’m Adam from Shanghai, China.