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Hello to all from Bulgaria

We really want to figure out how to use this new beginning in blockchain and how to develop our project by Internet computer.
Join if you are curious too :slight_smile:

We can discover together :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I am George.

I have never been a coder since my engineering days. I am a business and marketing professional. After 2 decades of engineering, I decided to pick up coding, learnt flutter and have managed to complete a live app .

I have also learnt solidity for ethereum in the last month. Blockchain technology is a recent interest. I was researching on blockchain technologies and came across dfinity. I went through the launch video a couple of days after the launch and found it intriguing. I have started going through the developer docs.

I am hoping that I will be able to develop apps with IC and flutter as front-end.

I am excited to engage in this forum to learn together.


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Hello everyone! Bob here from Utah, USA. I am a data scientist interested in doing data work on the internet computer.

Because there is a HUGE data science ecosystem built around Python, I am working on writing a Python DFINITY agent to make requests to public containers to get data. I’ve already figured out anonymous authentication and the other parameters needed to query a canister and have received successful responses from public canisters. Now I am working on decoding the response, which admittedly is harder than I thought it would be, although the existing DFINITY agent has good code examples. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone.

Looking forward to coding on the Internet Computer. No code written as of yet, but love the concept.

First up. Integrate a few canisters with my main project. Front (Angular) + Backend (Java with Spring Boot, Hibernate, Mysql, …) for a Dutch energy supplier.


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Greetings from Riverside, California!! SOO stoked about ICP.

Hey there

greetings from China~

We can discover together :slight_smile:
Hope that the dfinity ecosystem will become stronger and stronger

Hello from Southern California. Looking forward to decentralized computing platform.

hello world from LA but I’m from Chile!

logging in from Malaysia, just exploring ^^

Hello! Just joined. When can new members create a topic?

Hi There from USA…just checking this cool stuff out!
Need to be able to reply to ask a Question…gotta get my REP up…

Hi there from Germany!

Hi there, I’m from Japan
I found Dfinity while I was learning Ethereum.
I’m doing this as hobby, but I hope I can make something on Internet Computer someday!

Hello from VA USA! I am interested in internet computing development

I am a DLT and IT enthousiast, studying and experimenting with DLT’s since the top from 2017-2018, lost 90% of initial investments in the bearmarket thereafter, but kept studying and am still here (and now with my portfolio in the green!). I am mainly an investor and technology enthousiast trying to run some nodes myself.


same issue here. quite disorienting

Hello all,
Alban from France here. I have been following IC for months now and would like to start developing websites on the IC. I am currently facing some difficulties with the dfx command and will go to the related topics to express them, or help other users with their issues.
Happy hacking everyone!