Tips for navigating the DFINITY forum

The home page can look busy, so if you find you want to focus on a particular area of the forum, you can select a category from the drop down list at the top left, eg. Developers (and then optionally a subcategory alongside). This is a good way to get ‘in the zone’ for just the discussions you want to see…


On mobile you can choose Categories, then tap Developers to reach the same view:

The categories can also be reached at the top of any thread you’re in, along with tags, which is especially useful on mobile and a great way to hop between the different sections:

There are also keyboard shortcuts for desktop, which can be found in the menu at the top right. ^


Can anyone point me toward understanding how to post new topics? I can’t seem to post anywhere nor does there seem to be any central person to whom to address an inquiry. I am sure that I am missing something, so I apologize for being a newbie.

Of course, it’s not always obvious I agree:

In any of the top level pages, eg. category and subcategory views, there’s a + New Topic button at the top right (as in the second picture above), but this is sometimes reduced to just a + sign, depending on your device.

This button disappears when you’re within a topic (as on this page), where instead you’ll see a blue reply button at the very bottom of the thread, so you’ll need to navigate back to a category page to see it again.