500 internal server Error on page reload


The first time I load the application in the browser it works fine, on reload it crashes with 500 internal server Error.

I tried

  • Remove folders .dfx dist src/declarations
  • Clear cache
  • uninstall and install dfx
  • deploy, again and again

Without success.

Note: using npm start it works fine so I am not sure if it appends after upgrade to dfx 0.11.1
If I reload many times, it continues and crashes on other resources. If I use the application with action that not reload the application it works.

I have no log error on replica this appends with different browsers and I also inactive security feature of the browser.

Any idea’s is welcome

  • If you try http://<your-canister-id>.localhost:8000 instead of the url with query params, do you face the same issue?

  • Does the error happens when you reload its root url http://...:8000/ or some sub-routes http://...:8000/something?

  • Is your repo open source and how can the issue be reproduced?

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Thanks for your help


Yes it’s the same


Your last question suggested another test. I have another application based on the same technology. The problem is the same, it was working normally a few days ago and it works on the ic network.
This suggests that I should think about a change of the configuration of my machine.

I downgrade to dfx 0.11.0 and it works again

I upgrade to dfx 0.11.2 and it works again :sweat_smile:


Curious to know what was broken in 0.11.1 but cool to hear you solved it!