You can do two things with ICP tokens

You can do two things with ICP tokens

The incentive to invest in ICP Token Economics:

  1. Vote on proposals and earn voting rewards.
  2. Convert them into cycles

Great if you are a Builder on the IC Internet Services and I suppose if you are a Dapp and DeFi programmer as you will be employed.

But I don’t see the incentive for myself as an individual that is not interested in the above but loves the project.

I would like to hear others’ thoughts about incentives that I may not be aware of as I am not sure the unit price of an ICP is an incentive at this time.

Also I would like to put forward an incentive or extension that the Token should also provide. I personally believe that the Governments of the world will trash their currencies and the reason I am interested in moving my money into ICP Tokens but would like to see a payment system added to the neurons.

So that in the future when neurons become liquid they are still in ICP currency that I can make purchases or reinvest in neurons.

The incentive of holding ICP is knowing that something is burning at any given second. It takes ICP just keep anything running on the network even no one is it. The hope is that ICP will get adopted and will become deflationary even with the NNS minting to pay for governance. That is enough incentives for me. I wouldn’t mind additional incentive to hold though.

Hi Sormarler
I have seen this line before but didn’t take the time to analyze the idea but as I understand it as demand grows on the network then the price per token will grow in value.

I wouldn’t mind additional incentive to hold though.
Did you have an idea in mind. I believe ICP supports many of the types of ideas out their but supporting them means increasing their value. I don’t want to see fees changing from ICP to BTC so I can pay further fees to make purchases. Having an ICP Debit card would add additional incentive in my opinion.