Plan to Save ICP Price: Token Redenomination

I’d like to explore this course of action further to prevent further decline in the ICP price, and avoid a death spiral from network inflation.

We can create a Redenomination token, ICP2, with the following goals and proposals

-Shrink supply of ICP tokens that are not staked in nns neurons
-Redenominate non-staked ICP 1:0.5 ICP2

-By doing so, In-Circulation ICP would be reduced by approximately 50% while stakers who committed their time and money to the project will not see too much loss.

What do you think? Let’s stop the icp price crash together. Of course, we could tweak these parameters.

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Glad to see some more discussion around changing the tokenomics. Not sure about a 50% ratio though seems pretty drastic.

Leave your chart and trust the plan.

ICP is probably at bottom now, are you not seeing all the big orders at 5 usd ?

Im personally filling my bags right now with cheap pees.

All frozen.

Stay away from your computer and live your life.

Nothing will happen we will start a slow uptrend soon.

Sell at 2000 $ in 2030 and you will make millions.


No, just accept that you’re in a bear market.


Please add to the topic and proposal if you want to reply. Another element I would suggest implementing is some sort of on-NNS swap exchange for icp to other fiat pairs. I’m not sure how possible this would be but I think an “NNS exchange” could be very marketable.

All you need to do is just selling all you $ICP or maybe just stay away from the computer, then you will see a great future in 3-4 years later, rather than trying to create another token to save $ICP.