Withdraw all $ICP from all CEXs

Hey, community guys, if you have $ICP in any CEXs, I would suggest you to withdraw all of your $ICP and put into nns, I believe that would be a great contribution to our $ICP community.

Yesterday, Binance temporarily suspended $ICP withdrawals (details see here: https://twitter.com/FranHefner/status/1734007764454641963).

If you withdraw $ICP from the CEXs, the $ICP really would belong to you, if no, they actually not belong to you.

I believe HODL $ICP especially put it into nns is a big contribution to $ICP community.


Hi team

I’m hoping someone on here could help me. My ICP is currently stuck on Earth wallet. I can’t move it. As Earth wallet dropped support for ICP does this mean can’t be transferred…


Hi, is there any way to withdraw ICP from earth wallet?