Will there be a normal testnet?

Hi guys!
Is the project planning a normal testnet?
Now many projects are engaged in this, allowing testnet participants to earn money and explore the project ecosystem more deeply.
It is a fairer distribution system than airdrops.
Unfortunately, I have not found complete information about this anywhere: no announcements, no information about it …
Can someone on the team give an exact answer to my question?
Thank you in advance.

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hi andrey, you can currently apply to get access to the tungsten testnet here


Thanks. I filled out the form, but all the questions were about whether I have my own projects or whether I am a member of any team that wants to run my application with you.
I’m a regular tester and validator on testnets. I know a large number of guys who are testers on testnets and are validators on different networks who were happy to join the testnet, but now everyone is looking at you and saying that at the moment there is no information about rewards and motivation for to run a node … Can you comment on this? Do you plan to have similar testnets or are you not interested in such individuals without their own projects?

i don’t think its possible to currently run a node for the testnet if you’re not one of the datacenters working with dfinity. and afaik there is no such thing as paid testing. maybe @alexa.smith can tune in? (maybe i still don’t get your question :pensive:)

I think this might be two separate concerns actually? The testnet access form is for developer teams looking to build applications and run them on the network. If you’re interested in running datacenter nodes for the network it’s probably worth emailing hello@dfinity.org just at the moment, if you could include any details on the hardware you can provide would be a great help.

Hmm … This is very strange, of course … Now it is a real mainstream so that as many users and testers as possible get to know the ecosystem better. For example, I can name several projects that gave rewards(or are planning to do so) and the opportunity to become a validator for ordinary testers: kava (cosmos), regen(cosmos), emoney(cosmos), coda, solana, celo, kusama(dot), nucypher and many others…

Thanks. I wrote a letter with this question to may @alexa.smith. I will wait for an answer.

As I understand it, such small fish as me are simply not interesting to you. I’m not sure if this is the right approach to community though.

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Oh I brought that up because there was actually a form for node provider applicants, similar to the above testnet one, but it’s no longer up, hence the email suggestion. There will be scope for smaller providers of course, just possibly not during tungsten.

Also in time the governance layer will handle adding and removing datacenters according to capacity needs, so this will be community/governance driven to that extent too.

Thanks Ori. Well, I think there is no point in writing if the project is not interested in such an incentive system to attract new users.

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@cryptoschindler is correct. In order to become a compute provider you would need to reach out to the datacenter operations team. There are a few datacenters that have already come online for Tungsten, and I know more are in the pipeline. You will need a decent amount of rack space and compatible hardware. I know they are very much trying to screen out hobbyists. Ultimately, once the network is live in December, anyone can submit a petition to join as a compute provider via the governance canister ic:00. Independent or unofficial testnets are of course possible. dfx, the DFINITY SDK, ships with the replica binary, which can be configured to run single- and multi-node networks. Though no documentation exists for this, and from what I understand, that was intentional. They wanted to promote critical mass on Tungsten to generate better analytics and improve developer experience.

With all that said. It’s REALLY easy to get started on building apps and running them on a local node. I would highly recommend that before deploying straight to Tungsten. There are tons of examples. Here is one of mine from last week. https://github.com/enzoh/superheroes


Coinlist not support Mostly county for wallet what those users do now we have been waiting from 2018 already verified identify still we can’t get access claim out Airdrop token what’s we do now no response from dfinity Support

Coinlist are getting through the requests, please be patient.

For others reading this, the FAQ and contact details for airdrop/token support can be found here: https://coinlist.co/help/dfinity_airdrop