Will integrating with ethereum dapps at launch be the key to early adoption?

Been thinking about this after reading Dom’s medium article last year and his recent tweets on it also.

If this process is relatively easy and brings massive advantages , along with the team and ethereum community being on good terms , sister network talk etc… could this be a market strategy?

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Hi Emmo,

Certainly the Ethereum network has a lot of very strong developer activity and really interesting use cases. We want to build bridges to the ETH community and help support use cases that are impossible to run on the Ethereum chain.

Imagine you wanted to do some big data analytics on-chain. Today (and for the foreseeable future) it would be cost prohibitive to do such analysis on chain as the gas cost would be exuberant. Not to mention you would have to develop such a workflow in the Solidity or Vyper programming languages which are not well suited for the task. This kind of data-parallel and pipelined workflow is very well suited for the Internet Computer.

There are a lot of software developers in the world and we expect Dfinity to be a blockchain destination for any developer to build next generation decentralized applications.

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Cheers Igor.

I imagine once the system launches , the ethereum community will see the benefits of building on ICP whether that being some port of existing apps leveraging the power of ICP or as you suggested , building completely new applications that are just not possible using the existing ethereum framework/limitations.

I wonder which of those two options will appeal to their community most to begin with…Interesting times to come! Soon :grinning:

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Logic on ethereum + frontend on ICP

Followed shortly after by being entirely built on ICP

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