Why did DFINITY obscure Community Fund Details on SNS Dashboard and NNS Front end UI

is there any particular reason why DFINITY is choosing to go backwards or is this a bug which is not letting me see only the details of community fund?

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Edit2: We also don’t have a dashboard details on Neuron Fund (DFN changed name of Community Fund) and how many SNS tokens are owned by the NF. GUI not CLI (you know, because DFINITY designs “everything” related to the network)

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Why is Wenzel spamming the thread thats asking valid questions? why are you against the community being educated? Do you not want the community to see how many tokens are there in CF?

Anyone against this discussion clearly don’t want the community to be educated about the inner workings of the SNS

Since wenzel has decided to spam this thread, flag everything and derail the discussion, we will come back to this thread again in 12 hours.

Since DFINITY has decided to lock the thread.

I will create a new thread about the topic. With same contents. Hopefully we can have a civilized discussion like educated people.

Zach DS is changing the name of the topic. If anyone has attention to spare pls give it to zach, he seems desperately holding a grudge towards ivan.


@dfinity why did you obscure Community Fund details on SNS launchpad and dashboard?.

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I’m also curious as this is not only relevant but required for my Due Diligence, but also, for the defined SNS criteria provided by DFINITY.

Didn’t the dashboard initially show the Community Fund Details? Why are they obscuring it now?

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Agreed about information regarding the community fund contribution missing in the SNS launchpad, it does seem like a sketchy move from DFINITY’s side.


Specifically what NF details did you see in the past that you are not seeing now?

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Kyle, EVERYTHING. You guys have obscured how much Funds are flowing from CF to SNS (not Neuron Fund - Because rebranding won’t change its purpose)

Why did DFINITY remove it? Didnt SNS show how much CF was being used earlier? Where can I check the history of Launchpad Updates and All the UI changes that have been performed by DFINITY for NNS? Public blockchain, developed by secretive private company is it?

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They didn’t have to, information on the CF contribution was always obscured in the SNS launchpad page by including it in the Current Overall Commitment section.

NF maturity can be found here: https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org/

Amount requested from NF for each project is in each project’s NNS proposal.

Individual SNS stats can be found in their project’s page.
For example OpenChat: SNS DAO: OpenChat - ICP Dashboard)


That doesn’t change the fact that the CF allocated for each project is obscured in the SNS launchpad project page and there’s no reason to hide the number besides making it harder for newer NNS users to do proper due diligence.

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How hard is it to find the proposal and view the details there? If you can’t spend the 30 seconds to do that then you were never interested in doing proper DD anyway. This whole thread is the epitome of making a mountain out of a molehill. Get over it.


Way to miss the point entirely, not everyone is an experienced IC user like you or me.

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If you know enough to create an II, transfer funds to your NNS wallet, and engage in an SNS sale then you know enough to find the proposal with the information you need for your DD. There’s no new user who can do all that but can’t figure out how to pull up a proposal. Quicker access to information is great, of course, but the change is not a big deal like the OP is making it out to be.

I’m not sure if he has some kind of anti-Dfinity agenda and is attempting to imply some nefarious conspiracy on their part. It certainly seems that way given the neurotic quintuple post at the beginning of the thread. If so then this is perhaps the dumbest possible thing to latch on to in an attempt to persuade people to believe the conspiracy. No reasonable person would make the gigantic leap from one tiny UI change to a conspiracy to defraud or confuse users. Considering this community is full of tech nerds who generally place a high importance on logic and reason, it’s pointless.


Actually transferring some ICP from a CEX and creating an II requires very little knowledge noawadays, it’s not 2021 anymore where using a YubiKey was a must.

There’s simply no good reason to obscure the CF contribution in the SNS launchpad except for nefarious motives.

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No good reason? It MUST absolutely be a nefarious plot to undermine the userbase and confuse new users? Because I can think of a few perfectly innocent reasons, and one well-intentioned but perhaps not well-executed reason off the top of my head.

What if it was an oversight? Some old version of the page accidentally got rolled in to the latest update, or someone deleted that part of the code and didn’t notice because it’s such a trivial detail, and they were focused on more important things. Perhaps someone thought it was TOO confusing for new users and wanted to simplify the information available by only showing the total contribution. Maybe there’s some legal reason that Dfinity wanted to avoid.

The point is, I have no idea what the reason is and neither do you or anyone else except the portion of the Dfinity team that works on the NNS. And they haven’t answered yet. Frankly, I’m sick of opening up a thread looking for useful information only to find the goon squad has rolled in with their conspiracy theories and nitpicky, ill-intentioned complaints. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team is as well, thus actively addressing these topics is given a very low priority.


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