Edit: No bug, resolved

Edit: this is not a bug, and is just a case of someone editing the inner HTML. My apologies for the accusations.

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Clearly this is a bug and not a feature, right?

Or is DFINITY encouraging levels of SNS app centralization equivalent to their current control of the NNS?

Source - https://twitter.com/hotornot_dapp/status/1679195841310097408

Source - Upcoming Hot or Not SNS decentralization sale - #137 by borovan


It is not a bug it is a feature. All is working as intended :wink: The Neuron’s Fund was the goal.
Meanwhile everybody is happy voting and earning decent rewards.

Given the displayed numbers (1’015’998.27 and exactly 515’998.25, which is the first number minus 500’000), I would bet that @borovan manually modified the screenshot before sharing it.

Also at the same time the data of my personal commitment were (and are still) correctly shown in the dapp. Which implies that even if there would have been a bug, the current commitment in the screenshot could not have been the entire commitment.

I might be of course incorrect but, feels like an explanation to me.


You understand that sarcasm and Photoshop both exist, right?


I too was being sarcastic also that’s why the winky face :wink: .Except for the neurons fund part, that is true. Only my photoshop skills are not that good since I use Gimp.

Just because it’s interesting: Here you can see the transfers to the SNS treasury happen. I sorted it by max amount and you can see that (at least until now) the biggest commitment was 147k ICP


Balance is 317’381.55931171 ICP ?

Yes, at least at the moment. It’s still transferring. Everyone’s commitment to the cause went to a separate account and now all those accounts get pooled into the main treasury one. It takes a while… given 1100 participants and assuming 5-10 transfers per minute it’ll take 2-4 hours to complete

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Now that is really interesting and makes sense in a way forgot it ended just few hours ago. Another thing I find interesting is that the first proposal " Register dapp canisters" failed to execute even though it was adopted.

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Cool, will look into that. Was thinking to upgrade my Janitorscript to Kokomo for a while now.

Cool, the mint is done all looks good now. Updated and correct.

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Oh and since someone asked me how I found that account: