NNS Proposal to create an SNS named 'ICPanda DAO'

Hello everyone,

We are now voting for the ICPanda DAO on the SNS, please vote for US:

ICPanda is a decentralized Panda meme brand built on the Internet Computer.

Dapp on IC: https://panda.fans
Project: GitHub - ldclabs/ic-panda: A decentralized Panda meme brand built on the Internet Computer.
Whitepaper: ic-panda/whitepaper/en.md at main · ldclabs/ic-panda · GitHub
SNS initial parameters: ic-panda/sns_init.yaml at main · ldclabs/ic-panda · GitHub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICPandaDAO

Main Offerings

Lucky Pool System

Users can obtain PANDA tokens through airdrops for free, which allows them to participate in panda culture NFT creation and other Web3 activities without any barriers; users can also acquire PANDA tokens through lucky draws, ensuring a more equitable distribution of PANDA tokens.

Panda Badges System

The panda badge is an image SFT (Semi-Fungible Token) officially produced by the ICPanda DAO. Users can purchase panda badges with PANDA tokens, allowing them to display their virtual panda identity on social networks, media streaming, and other Web3 platforms.

Panda Culture NFT Creation And Trading Platform

Users can create and trade panda culture NFTs on this platform, which can be in various forms such as images, videos, 3D+AI virtual objects, etc. Users need to spend PANDA tokens to list their NFT works, which are priced in ICP tokens. Users can stake PANDA tokens to boost the exposure of other users’ NFT works, and earn a share of the profits when those NFT works are sold.

Decentralized and Open Panda Meme Brand Platform

This platform is built on the RWA (Real World Asset) concept, aiming to introduce panda culture and related brands from Web2 and offline entities into Web3, or bring original panda culture from Web3 to Web2 and offline entities. This includes but is not limited to the digital avatars of real pandas, panda culture merchandise, derivative movies, and games. The platform will promote the globalization of panda culture through online and offline open cooperation and traffic interchange.

Token utility

PANDA is the only token issued by ICPanda DAO. By holding PANDA tokens, users can participate in:

  1. Governance decisions of ICPanda DAO and receive rewards;
  2. Purchasing panda badges;
  3. Creation and trading of panda culture NFTs;
  4. Activities on the ICPanda meme brand platform.


Token Name: ICPanda
Token Symbol: PANDA
Total Supply (Initial): 1,000,000,000

Allocation Percentage Tokens Memo
Development Team 4% 40,000,000 Locked for 0~6 months
Seed Funders 4% 40,000,000 Locked for 0~3 months
SNS Swap 12% 120,000,000 Locked for 0~3 months
DAO Treasury 80% 800,000,000
50% – 500,000,000 Lucky Pool to All
10% – 100,000,000 Community Incentive
10% – 100,000,000 CEX Incentive
10% – 100,000,000 DEX Liquidity

Decentralization SNS Swap

  • Min participation: 10 ICP
  • Max participation: 10,000 ICP
  • Min to be raised: 6,000 ICP
  • Max to be raised: 60,000 ICP
  • Min participants: 42


Governance The governance model includes staking, voting, and other relevant details. The minimum amount of SNS tokens to stake a neuron is 10,000 PANDA. The minimum dissolve delay for a neuron to cast votes on proposals is 1 month and the maxmimum dissolve delay is 2 years.

The Dapps

The ICPanda is composed of multiple canisters with the SNS directly controlling the following canisters:

  • c63a7-6yaaa-aaaap-ab3gq-cai (ICPanda Web App)
  • a7cug-2qaaa-aaaap-ab3la-cai (ICPanda Lucky Pool)
  • f75us-gyaaa-aaaap-ab3wq-cai (ICPanda Badges)
  • …more will coming after launch

We’re here for any questions and will keep you updated on future developments.

All information about the project can be verified on Github: GitHub - ldclabs/ic-panda: A decentralized Panda meme brand built on the Internet Computer.


Another meme coin, I’ve never heard of.


ICPanda is not just a meme token, it will be a genuine brand in the Web3 world.
We want to imbue it with real value and meaning, which will involve a lot of innovative R&D works.

" Innovative R & D" No further questions.
My vote is nope.


They’re already in roadmap :joy: :joy: :joy:

A story:
A couple, where the man was very conservative.
The woman said, “If you don’t sleep with me, I will sleep with someone else.”
The man had a realization, slept with the woman, and later they got married.

Other layer 1 blockchains have a lot of meme tokens, and ICP will have them too.
Rather than letting others issue meme tokens, we might as well do it ourselves.

Our team has the best developers and product designers, and we are all in on Web3.
I am a Rustacean and ICPeans, and I really like ICP, all in ICP.

This is our first potentially viable Web3 project, and we hope to gain your support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We strongly believe in the potential of the Internet Computer. This year, our team is committed to building a truly decentralized application on IC for global users. Users will be able to use PANDA tokens on our platform to turn their valuable assets into NFTs, making them increasingly valuable. Pandas are not just a symbol of cuteness and beauty, but also a symbol of rarity and preciousness. Precious assets that are easily deleted or overlooked in the Web 2.0 world will be permanently preserved on our platform and passed down for generations.
We have the most professional team and the utmost passion to dedicate ourselves to building this venture on the Internet Computer.


To be honest, I like your way of chatting, going straight to the subject and hitting the point of the problem. It’s better than many ambitious dapp projects. Many of them are hypocrites.


Thank you for the support.
We aim to create a panda meme coin that everyone in the real world will love, not for speculating on its price, but to integrate panda culture into everyone’s life, bringing beauty to the world. We believe that with the empowerment of IC, all of this can be achieved.

i might missing something here…but arent DAO coins generally always with no use case - except you pay for voting - and until you own really a lot, without value?

why are people buying into dao launches, i do not understand.

Sorry, we didn’t make them clear before, they were in the white paper, just added:

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what are the rewards? ICPs?

No, according to SNS, Governance decisions rewards SNS tokens, which are PANDA.

ICP is the transaction currency of ICPanda NFTs.

Some progress on ICPanda Bagdes System:

We have updated minimum_direct_participation_icp from 12,000 to 6,000

Please vote for US.
We are building a new generation meme.

I have a couple of points

  1. Firstly, you mentioned that ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) doesn’t have meme tokens, which is inaccurate
  2. It appears that the community fund (CF) participation is indeed true. This represents a new approach compared to previous meme launches such as IC GHOST and SNEED. However, I’m concerned that this approach might convey the wrong message to the community and attract numerous MEME SNS campaigns, ultimately draining the community fund.
  3. I haven’t come across any information about this project previously. It seems like an airdrop out of nowhere.
  4. here seems to be a lack of a sensible roadmap and action plan.
  5. The funding requirement seems too low for effective marketing, making it challenging to compete with other meme tokens in the market.

Thank you for your message. The ICPanda project was launched on February 14, 2024. However, we have developed many other projects prior to this, and you can see a portion of our open-source work on our GitHub page. LDC Labs · GitHub

Our goal is not to create merely a meme coin, but rather a brand operation platform with a meme-like nature. We aim to integrate Web2 and offline brand operations into the Web3 space. In other words, it’s about bringing Web3 to Web2 and offline brands.

The Internet Computer is an exceptional platform for Web3 entrepreneurship. If we succeed, I hope our success story can be replicated, attracting more Web3 entrepreneurs to the Internet Computer and ushering in a new model of entrepreneurship. Therefore, all the code for our ICPanda project is open source.

The whitepaper includes a simple development roadmap.
This design is based on my previous experience with Web2 project development and management.
I plan not to use the DAO treasury’s ICP for marketing purposes but instead nearly 80% of the PANDA tokens towards achieving this.

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Dear @Antony ,

It seems that you are an expert in security auditing. I have a question to ask:
Why can’t I compute a module hash value locally that matches the one online?

Here are screenshots of my local calculation:

And here is the screenshot of the online calculation:

I’m sorry, I made a mistake.
shasum -a 256 .dfx/ic/canisters/ic_panda_luckypool/ic_panda_luckypool.wasm is just right.

cool, Hope you figured it out