Where is a complete app example, from DFINITY, that includes a front end?

The examples at https://github.com/dfinity/examples/tree/master/motoko/simple-to-do have motoko code only, there isn’t a front end example.

I found that repo from Overview | Internet Computer .

In that repo, the developer is told to use dfx canister call. That’s not how a user would interact with a canister. I’m looking for an example which has

  • front end: connects to a user’s wallet
  • recommendation from Dfinity on what wallet to use included in the example
  • basic canister logic that involves saving data from the user & retrieving it

something that feels like a “template” app, rather than a piece of the puzzle.

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Hey @nolma , we have a couple sample dapps that include a frontend and authentication through Internet Identity. A few are: