Sample dapps - what would you like to see?

Sample code and dapps are a great resource for learning, and we want to add more relevant and useful sample dapps to our dfinity/examples repo. We would like to have some input to what kind of dapps you think would be useful to add. What are your thoughts?

What kind of topics should the sample dapps cover? What levels (beginner to expert) would you prefer? Fullstack or just focusing on the topic? Anything else we should think of? What would you like to see?

When we have locked in on some good sample dapp ideas we would like to have the community help build these dapps, and will setup some bounties.


Anything with actor classes and their deployment/Management/upgrading. Trying to better understand scaling dapps with them


Totally agreed with Gekctek, but also:

  • multi-canister dapps with inter-canister calls
  • Motoko canisters using the ExperimentalStableMemory library
  • upgrading a Motoko canister’s stable memory interface (it’s really limited right now… can’t add new fields to objects)
  • asset canisters for storing dynamic, user-generated media (e.g. photos, videos), scaled on demand

Most of the easier stuff is already covered by the excellent docs. CanCan is great as a reference for a single-canister dapp. But what’s missing are the more complex dapps. Or rather, dapps that use more complex features (can still be relatively small in terms of lines of code).

  • Complete NFT dapp tutorial that covers listing it on Entrepot and having complete functionality enabling minting the “etherium way” (ie: have a custom made frontend that allows people to choose how many the want to mint, pay the price and mint).
  • General buying / selling (charging ICP) for whatever app flow. How would the whole process go.