Canister APIs Question

Are there any guides or samples of a Dfinity project where data is being taken in via some online form and the Dfinity project could be interacted with APIs?

The linkedup demo takes in data via a online form and you could implement methods to call the motoko code directly via dfx. See

Great thanks, this is what I was thinking but wouldn’t the phonebook demo app do this as well?

Also, I am still trying to understand, where is the canister hosted? So whereas, I have a web app hosted on AWS and you can interact with it by calling it’s APIs.

It’ll be hosted directly on the Internet Computer, striped across the network’s nodes, a user loading an app and making queries or updates will generally be served by the node nearest to them.

The SDK you’re currently using doesn’t connect yet, it just runs a single node locally on your computer.

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How do I get an SDK that does connect?

It’ll be available in a later release of this SDK.

Do you know roughly when that will be?

Not just yet, no dates have been publicly released.