What happens to donated and unclaimed genesis neurons?

See these 2 functions in the genesis token canister:

The donate_account function donates your genesis neurons to donate_account_recipient_neuron_id. What is this neuron ID? This value does not appear to be initialized in the ic repo.

Similarly, forward_all_unclaimed_accounts will allow the team to sweep unclaimed neurons to forward_all_unclaimed_accounts_recipient_neuron_id after genesis+180d (approx Nov. 6).

I am 99.9% sure that this account is the donation account, but would love to know the neuron_id to verify.


I’ll take them if we’re handing them out. :grinning:

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this should be burned or better yet redistributed to the community

A strong argument could be made that burning would have numerous positive effects on the network including but not limited to decentralization and security; aside from price which would likely benefit as well. It would be unfortunate if prior consensus regarding this situation is arbitrarily disregarded.

These tokens are intended to participate in governance and increase decentralization. Neither of these important functions are fulfilled if they sit unclaimed or get burned.

The answer is…

Neuron ID 29

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Whatever happens to unclaimed seed neurons needs to happen well after self custody and hardware wallet support are released and easy-to-use GUIs are available for genesis claiming and neuron management in general. This is the only way to ensure that everyone has had a chance to make their claims.


That is a very good point.