I would like to put this to rest

If someone dies and they haven’t willed or left behind information about their Neurons, coins or their wishes then their stake(s) in particular would keep getting rewards, if they are set up as a follower.

This seems to concern many that this could be inflationary, rewards that should go back to the voting rewards system and a problem within many organizations.

The problem with the NNS is the neuron owner only has an anchor and I have a YubiKey key which I believe equates to a Public key and a Private YubiKey Key.

I realize that it is also important for everyone who has neutron(s), that there is a forum, this forum, that can help them understand the issues and their responsibility they have as a neuron owner.

I personally knew about this forum, beforehand, which educated me about staking and the need to understand the decentralized system and governance.

I feel that the neuron process should also include or drive the user to create a forum membership that includes the neuron Public Key.

I believe that the understanding of staking for the newbie for most is only about rewards and being able to follow to get the rewards, The NNS knows nothing of the owner and does nothing to provide information about the forum.

If the neuron owner becomes a forum member then their email address is known and there would be a history, saved emails or follow up information from the forum in the future that should improve the problem of people passing and their friends, families and others who would have received access to a passing persons stuff.

If nothing else a person seeing the information could contact and update the forum about said passings.

Many arguments can be made but I feel this would be an improvement to the current concerns.

For those who feel that a reset of the following owners of neurons should be unfollowed over a period should come from the forum as the NNS cannot contact a person who has invested and has the right to get returns and should also have the right to be told of the change with their rewards invested that would only be possible through the forum and not possible through the NNS.