What are the steps to set up a simple distributed DEV environment?

I’ve so far found the getting started steps on how to set up a simple DEV environment on a machine for e.g. the “Hello World” app and that’s working fine. Maybe i’m missing the trivial, but i’m not quite clear yet on how i would run a development system on my local machine, while deploying to a prototyping node i run on a remote linux instance in the cloud at this point. Pointers to useful resources much appreciated.

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check it on Write code for the Internet Computer :: Internet Computer

Well, that’s what i have been working off of so far and the specific question i have here appears not to be covered. Hence me asking.

If you have a more specific pointer to something i might have overlooked with respect to the intended scenario, that would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for mentioning this scenario. You are correct that it isn’t explicitly documented (but an excellent idea to add to the list of topics for doc to cover!). I believe you can add your network address to the dfx.json file under the networks key, then refer to it using the —network option.

Let me know if this works for your scenario.