Browser-Based React Starter

Hey all, in an effort to make it even easier to start experimenting with an Internet Computer app, I’ve converted the Hello World example from dfx and set it up for React development.

Additionally, I’ve configured it to use with a cloud-based developer environment called Gitpod, where you can get a developer environment fully configured with a click. I think this is ideal for Windows developers, and I encourage anyone else creating starter templates to copy my configuration and set it up for their own projects!

Open in Gitpod


I know it’s a year old, but stuff like this is great! I’d love to have an updated version of a starter like this to refer to and use when starting new projects. It would be great if it also had the login flow built in, as well as hot reload capability and with persisting login state through browser refreshes so I don’t need to re-login each time I refresh the app. It took me a week to get hot reloading working, and I’m currently struggling with browser refreshes logging the user out.

Re: Gitpod, neat tool that I hadn’t heard of before your posts! It really is as easy as clicking a button and having everything just work out of the box. The gitpod link above should be updated to instead of, which fails to load.

try GitHub - MioQuispe/create-ic-app: Use your favourite frontend framework with the Internet Computer

have you tried cloud9 on aws? That one I cool too.