We're putting together a team of ICP enthusiasts/ICPreneurs


We’re putting together a team of ICP enthusiasts/ICPreneurs. The idea is that people, who want to learn Motoko/ICP would learn it by doing a real life project from start to finish with the help of ICP enthusiasts who are more experienced.

So, we’re looking for a students team who want to learn Motoko and at the same time work on a specific task/project from the real world. Also mentors are truly wanted!

At the moment there is Kismi.app project that could be done in this “learning by doing” module. Here you can read more about kismi.app project => https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YMsGnE9FFocuTRrHQbDAVu-b-0AuwYKmF_Oee4e8vxM/edit

We are also considering launching training programs and accelerator.


Can you use this project as a model? #channels www.channels.biz