We need dfx Documentation

I can’t take it any more. The examples were written quickly, and they aren’t standardized in any way. Some require node.js, and apparently some do not. There are examples with npm, and other examples of the exact same procedure that don’t require npm. There is no documentation on how to get ICP from my main identity on the NNS into a wallet of any kind associated with my developer identity. There is zero documentation on how to use dfx for anything other than basic start and stop. Assumptions are made in the examples that if one has ICP available, then they are already associated with the developer id. I doubt that is the case for anyone other than a few wizards working at Dfinity. In short, the documentation needs to be started from scratch, and equally important: delete videos and textual instructions that make assumptions or that leaves out critical information. Just delete them so we don’t have to continue trying to determine what works and what doesn’t. I can’t believe you guys launched this thing with such weak/nonexistent documentation. I’m totally 4#3king exhausted from even trying, and I’m one of your greatest supporters.


Hi @GridVision,

Thanks for the feedback!

We are working on improving the documentation. Some of the improvements we are working on is expanding the documentation to cover more advanced usage, more tutorials and new series of videos. The improvements should start to appear on the website soon.

Btw. the documentation we have for dfx can be found here: Command-line reference :: Internet Computer, don’t know if you’ve seen it.

@kpeacock has written a good post about adding funding canisters with ICP: Deploying Your First Canister (NNS dapp) | Kyle Peacock's website. We should definitely have a more clear guide on the website, but we do have some documentation about this: Network deployment :: Internet Computer

Thanks for the support!

dfx -h

dfx canister<or other things> -h 

may help you