Wasm error in service worker screen

thanks, I’m going to update.

@Kepler Just a suggestion: it may be worth considering polyfilll such features when a user’s browser does not support it.

Asking everyone to upgrade to the latest technology is often unrealistic, because people often have their own reasons to keep (or be stuck with) their old devices/OSes/etc.

Given that service worker is such an essential piece, and will pretty much impact all sites on IC, it makes even more sense to be a bit conservative here.

The DecompressionStream was added with the goal of reducing the size of the service worker, which polyfills would not help since we would still maintain the bigger bundle size with it.

We are discussing the possibility of alternatives already though (e.g. polyfills) since we missed the fact that it was added only in Q1/2 2023 for Safari and Firefox respectively. Note that according to browser stats, 84.59% of global users have versions that support that API already, in terms of comparison this is 9.58% lower then supporting service workers themselves which is currently at 94.17%.


Thank you, the problem is solved after updating the system, but updating the system is not what I want. But still very grateful, hope this little bug can be fixed, so it will be very friendly to ordinary users like me

I very much agree!It would be great if it could be like you said

We will make a release today that will fix this issue for people with older browsers, sorry for the frustration!


Can we get an update when the fix is released :pray: :slight_smile:

This just now

Made my own thread to discuss this without seeing this one.

Have the most updated version of chrome & safari and still receiving:

“ Page failed to load.

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: DecompressionStream”

Any insight?

Hi @Jamietier - we are rolling out another version of the service worker just now that doesn’t rely on the DecompressionStreams API which are only available in more recent versions of the safari.

Yes, i noticed the Dapps weren’t working earlier today. Thanks for the info. Hopefully the team fix this soon.

:+1: Thanks for the response.

Thanks for reporting this! It’s not an issue with the service worker, but the asset canister. I’m trying to find someone with a connection to them so we can let them know. It’s easy for them to fix it. In the meantime if you want to work around the issue, you can go https://nuance.xyz/ and then try to find the post you wanted to read through their UI, rather than going directly to the post’s URL.

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I will share your response with them, thanks, @NathanosDev :slight_smile:

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The release is out now, anyone affected should be able to access dapps again now. If it doesn’t work on the first page load, a refresh may help to make sure the new service worker is loaded.


We (nuance.xyz) are here. And we will do the thing. Thanks!


Same as first post, and it is even more annoying now …

Yes, refresh works if you know that you should refresh - but new visitors to the site will think its not working

I’m having this same issue, my react routes no longer work. Now you are forced to load the webpage from the root url. Before someone could load “canister-id”/game2 and go straight to the game2 page. Now anything but just the canister-id gives an error like so:

Timestamp: Sun, 20 Aug 2023 22:08:11 GMT

Request: {
“method”: “GET”,
“url”: “https://xw4dq-4yaaa-aaaam-abeuq-cai.ic0.app/RouletteGame”,
“origin”: “https://xw4dq-4yaaa-aaaam-abeuq-cai.ic0.app

Response: {
“status”: 500,
“statusText”: “Response verification failed”,
“body”: “Response verification failed”

I am also having issues with users having to refresh the page to get it to load.

My react routes have been fixed after upgrading to dfx 1.4.3 and repackaging the canister code.