Nns.ic0.app doesn't work after upgrade anymore

It works when loading the site from incognito window. But not with previously installed service worker:

It works after clearing site data.


Same for me on safari and i already staked :fearful:

Works for me. Safari and Edge on Chromium. Slower loading though.

Works for me as well, but I get this screen oftenly now.

Looks like a trivial fix…

The MIME type of https://nns.ic0.app/flutter_service_worker.js should be text/javascript.

The problem is probably in the webserver config [apache/nginx] for how it handles serving .js files…

The answer will not be in the code of the file, it should be in the configuration of what is serving the file to the client to attach the right MIME, conventionally it’s set in the HTTP content-type header of the response.


I saw the same flutter_service_worker error, but I think that might be a red herring. It seems that the issue preventing login is that the NNS service worker doesn’t support multiple clients. I was able to resolve the issue by closing other browser tabs there were running NNS. You can see clients running the service working in chrome dev tools (see screenshot.) Make sure there’s only one of those. Worked for me.

  • Multiple devices work, multiple tabs do not.
  • State is passed erratically (seemingly after a short timeout) between tabs.
  • If you try to login with another window side-by-side the same MIME type error shows up in both consoles.
  • Error also happens upon initial sign-in before multiple tabs/windows are at play.

Would make sense to fix the obvious error first and see what happens, especially when it’s such a simple fix, were multiple windows/tabs on same device allowed in previous version?

Wish we could contribute more directly to fixing some of these issues on the front-end.

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