Error message on accessing canister urls including internet identity and nns

Encountered an error when trying to access some canister URLs through the browser. This error also occurred yesterday. What could be causing this issue?

Your local date time is too much out of sync with the IC date time (basically what the message mean). Don’t know why but your report was posted a few times this week. Anyway, synchronizing your device time should do the tricks.

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It’s not just me; a couple of fellow users and developers have also reported the same issue across multiple devices.

I reckon that it’s not specific to certain devices. Perhaps further investigation is needed to understand the cause. Interestingly, once this error occurs and you refresh the page, it works fine.

Found the explanation from man himself. There were multiple types of errors that seems to be resolved by one time hard refresh.

No, this ain’t the same issue as the one your reported. These have different stacktrace.

Yours is as I said above your device clock that wasn’t in sync with the IC. Did it update your local datetime and did is solve the problem?

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Specifically, your phone reports the time as 2:21 GMT and the request was created with an expiry time of 2:25 UTC. The two timestamps match, because an ingress message has a lifetime of 5 minutes and, (precisely in order to avoid this kind of error if the client and server’s clocks are off by less than one minute) there’s an error margin subtracted from the 5 minutes when the message is created.

The replica’s clock OTOH is 3:22 UTC; which is the minimum deadline it will accept; the maximum deadline it will accept is that plus 5 minutes (3:27 UTC). Your phone and computer likely use different time zones, since the difference is about an hour (actually 57 minutes, which would imply that at least one of them isn’t synchronizing time from an external source).

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Certainly, I grasp the concept. It’s intriguing to learn about this. It’s both fortunate and unfortunate that I wasn’t able to replicate the problem after a hard refresh. I didn’t pay attention to the timing when the issue occurred.

With the information you’ve provided about time synchronization, I’ll definitely verify these specifics if the problem resurfaces. Perhaps I’ll even intentionally attempt to recreate it when I have sometime after priority work.

Thank you for the explanation again.

My other device was synced with Google and TBH I didn’t observed factor about time sync. The problem didn’t occurred again so unfortunately I cannot immediately verify. But will surely try by making my device clock out of sync.

Thank you

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