Network Nervous System frontend dapp not working

Hello dear community,

I am unable to log in the app:

I am not the only one experiencing this issue, I know that, so any advise would be greatly appreciated

It has been reported by @kpeacock. You are indeed not alone as mentioned in this tweet. A fix of the service worker - if I get it right - should have been rolled out one hour ago or something. Did you still face the issue?

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Hey folks, so this is an update on what happened:

  • we had a canary of the new service worker running for the past 3 days and had not seen any issues.
  • today I rolled out the new boundary node image that includes the new service worker to all the boundary nodes.
  • the new service worker includes the new response verification module and it seems that when the browser updates the service worker it fails to pull the module and ends up throwing an error which you will see in the browser console

sw.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘getMinVerificationVersion’)

It should be noted that if you didn’t have a previous service worker registered, you didn’t see that issue and everything would have worked fine.

For now, we’ve rolled back the boundary nodes to the previous image that includes the old service worker. If you are still seeing issues you can open the “application” tab in the developer tools, pick service workers and de register the service worker.

Apologies for the problem we’ll look at including this scenario in our tests

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its all good now, thank you for your time.