Visual error? or malfunction - Voting neurons

Hi all !

I tell you about the following situation, one of my neurons was created on 2022-10-10, 00:08:43 UTC

When viewing the governance proposals, the following information appears

Ineligible Neurons

The following neurons had a dissolve delay of less than 6 months at the time the proposal was submitted, or were created after the proposal was submitted, and therefore are not eligible to vote on it:

Example: Proposal 88812

Proposal Summary

Motion for Wasm-Native Stable Memory

The neuron has always been 8 years old since he created it. How is it possible? Am I receiving the rewards on these proposals? Thank you!

Not sure why it is displayed that way but here’s just a short message to let you know that I have noticed your post and forwarded the question.

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great ! thank you very much ! If you need more data on the neuron, I can send it to you by private message. Anything that can help, please let me know :wink:

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Hi @FranHefner, thank you for your patience and tremendous support to help debug this!

We have narrowed the issue and found out that the root cause of the issue is a display side effect.

The governance canister deletes the proposals’ ballots information once, and only once, the proposals’ reward status has settled. It does that to collect certain data to make sure it does not exceed canister memory limits.

As these ballots are the root information to find eligible neurons and per extension display the ineligible neurons, receiving empty ballots makes NNS-dapp UI think and display that all neurons are ineligible.

Therefore, to fix the issue, we will have to amend this empty ballots and renders the information more appropriarly. This still needs to be refined but we will do.

It is worth to note that you found an issue that has always been there, so good catch :+1:.

When it comes to your concern about your rewards, as the above and root cause isn’t directly related with these, it is most likely all fine.

Let me know if you have more questions and thanks again :pray:


Wow !! It makes me very happy that I was able to contribute to the debug, sending the data and helping to solve this problem…

Thank you very much for your time and your patience!

I will continue analyzing data and the nns to be able to continue contributing and sharing what I find.

Thank you very much to those who dedicated time to this topic and especially to you @peterparker !!



Awesome spirit, thanks a lot!


Update @peterparker @lara @DanielThurau

Same neuron, my vote appears and that it is not eligible at the same time.

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That’s expected, there weren’t any new version proposed yet I think. Thanks for double checking!

As I mentionned in a recent answer, ultimately, to avoid incorrect information to be shown and at lest for now, we “just” gonna hide these voting information for, and only for, proposal for which the reward has settled. Voting history will remain available on the neuron detail page. Hope that works for you.

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