Using the discourse polls feature to gauge community feedback

Should these forums use Discourse polls more often?

  • Yes, always poll these forums for any feature decisions or community feedback.
  • Poll only for broader features, and use technical working groups for more feedback in specific areas.
  • Don’t use polls.
  • I had no idea we had polls on this forum!
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It has become evident recently that for certain larger topics, neither the NNS or a forum Topic post thread are a good way to gauge early community feedback.

The NNS is is overkill for early temperature checks, and Discourse forum topic posts can be spammed by individuals, to the point where nothing new is added to the discussion, generating disagreement that runs in circles and solely serves to generate attention or drama while continuously bumping a post back up to the top of the recent topics.

I was searching for a solution to this and recently found out about Discourse Polls. Here’s more about the feature and how you can create a poll.

My Hopes for Polling

I’d love to see DFINITY and others in this forum present their ideas accompanied by a poll, so that even all of the hidden lurkers on the forum can voice their opinion and we can get a more accurate temperature check that isn’t overly influenced by one individual in particular.


Nice! Now I can relegate myself back to being a lurker :sweat_smile:

Not sure if it makes sense to have all these polls on the forums for some of the same reasons you mentioned, but having the poll directly in the post is definitely more convenient.

Nice. I didn’t know polls were available on the forum. I agree they could prove to be useful. Especially to find out the opinion of the broader community who is not willing to voice an opinion via commenting. These polls seem to have more feature options than Telegram, Discord, etc.

This is a good idea. Sometimes a minority of voices dominate a discussion and it becomes difficult to get a sense for what most people think.

It is important to point out though that anonymous users could create multiple accounts to distort the outcome of the polls. That would require quite a bit of work though so probably still useful.

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I guess there is a big issue to address here and that is how to keep people engaged. As far as I see it the majority of users either are not confident in their English or are just plain and simple timid to say the least to express own opinions. Not sure why that is since the brief time I been reading up in the forum there was no bullying or such even if the topic was less interesting to put it mildly. Also majority of question were answered in a decent manner in a decent amount of time with good links providing more knowledge and even more diversity with many users giving constructive feedback even with different opinions.

Just a wild guess but Lurking is over rated nowadays :slight_smile: but you make a good point with the poll being directly tied to the post. P.S. here is me hoping there won’t be any nonsense posts like what will you buy with ICP when it will moon. :wink: