Error configuring custom domain to a canister

I am trying to host a canister under a custom domain following this documentation here Internet Computer Loading.

I am using goDaddy, I tried to set the DNS records correctly as per the documentation.
I then created the .well-known directory in the root directory, the one with the dfx.json file. Inside it I created the ic-domains as a plain file without any file type extension and put my custom domain name lilke .
I aslo created the .ic-assets.json file in same root directory with the .well-known directory. and the dfx.json file and put the contents:

        "match": ".well-known",
        "ignore": false

and then deployed the canister on the ic.
That’s pretty much all the setup I followed, but now when I start the registration process with the following commnand:

curl -sLv -X POST \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ \
    --data @- <<EOF
    "name": "<custom_domain>"

I am gettin a bunch of data for the request and then finally this:

* Connection #0 to host left intact
domain is missing from canister j62gc-2iaaa-aaaal-qbynq-cai list of known domain

This is where I am stuck, My guess is that maybe I put the .well-known directory and the
.ic-assets.json at wrong places. Where am I going wrong?
Thank you.

Looks like indeed your file is not available.

Have recently answered a question about where to put the file, maybe you find something there?


Thank you, that worked and I got the ID back and then I run this command:

curl -sLv -X GET \

But the process have failed, I got this response back:

{"name":"","canister":"j62gc-2iaaa-aaaal-qbynq-cai","state":{"Failed":"failed to create acme order"}}

What could be wrong now?

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I run the command again, it returned Available, its working now.

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@peterparker , The custom domain is working now, but it seems like the frontend canister have lost its connection with the backend canister, It’s no longer querying items from backend if I access it using the custom domain name, but still working well if I use the canister id url, what other changes must I do so that the frontend and backend canisters keeps communicating with this new domain? I tried adding the new domain name to the CSP headers in the ic-assets.json file but it seems to have done nothing.


Are you saying that:

  • → cannot connect to backend :x:
  • → can connect to backend :white_check_mark:

Do I get it right?

If yes, that’s maybe an issue with the HttpAgent. Try to path as host for mainnet.


new HttpAgent({ identity, host: '' });

Yes that was the case, I implimented like that and it’s working now. Thanks again

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Awesome, happy to hear that :smiley: