How to register domains?

How can I register a domain / hostname on IC?

Like just did for the open chat app. Looks like that domain is just rerouted to the canister id.

I would be happy to learn about how this is done.

Thanks for any help.

Hey there,

As you noticed, is actually using a regular .app TLD. You can register your TLD and set up forwarding rules to point to your canister.


I assume there is a plan for making this more native to the IC environment, but it’s far out still, is that correct? I’m working on a dapp using this forwarding-approach but if there is a solution in the works for the near-term might wait

As @kpeacock mentioned in a separate thread custom domains aren’t in a place we’re happy with yet. It makes sense to proceed with the forwarding-approach and stay tuned for any updates on the decentralized and open DNS front.