Upcoming EMC(EdgeMatrix Computing) SNS Decentralization Sale

Thank you @Gekctek for saying in far fewer words much of what I was trying to say just now. I couldn’t agree more and I am guessing that is also true for many other readers who somehow made it so far down this thread.

And after rereading my last post I realise now I slipped into grumpy Dad mode near the end, so my apologies to everyone for that.



Welcome to the IC! Good to have new projects.

Imo IC is the best L1 you can pick for your L2 network. Congratz on your choice.
Could you tell us how far you are with the Checklist https://forum.dfinity.org/t/sns-launch-checklist/19855

I would also like to learn more about your integration with the IC.
That tiny arrow isn’t very informative.

I would prefer to see a sequence diagram with canisters & the L2. Otherwise, there is not much to review here.
Your AI tech may be amazing, but you also need to explain how the DAO is going to benefit from it.
Are you transferring all software rights to the DAO?
Can your network decide to disconnect from the IC after spending all funds?
How are you going to cryptographically or legally guarantee that the DAO is going to benefit from that tech? I think you need to bind the whole thing in such a way that you or anyone else can’t break that bond. Then having a DAO makes sense. That’s why that tiny arrow is not enough for me.

Good luck! I hope you will figure it out


It seems these conversations are turning far more productive and diplomatic. I’m all for due diligence and intellectually honest conversation, but we can be civilized in the process and we can agree to disagree without making it personal. It’s awesome to see so many newer names joining the conversation and making meaningful contributions in an objective way.


Thank you for your valuable input. regarding the infrastructure at this level. Inspecting all the technical details of a project can be nearly impossible. While some people tend to favor projects backed by well-known venture capitalists or those that have undergone million-dollar audits, it does not guarantee reliability either, as exemplified by instances like LayerZero and Swaprum. Personally, I prefer engaging in direct conversations with project teams to assess their trustworthiness.

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge EMC’s vision, which perfectly aligns with my own vision for true AI+web3 integration. Moreover, I find Zed to be a bold and intelligent entrepreneur, and I have confidence in his ability to build this project. I must admit that I am not well-informed about the recent dilemma within the SNS space, nor do I rely on forecasts to determine a project’s success or failure, considering that almost 50% of elite startups from YC, fail. What I see in EMC is a determined team composed of the right individuals.

However, given the established rules within the ecosystem by Dfinity, the EMC team will undoubtedly need to convince and gain the respect of the majority of the IC gangsters to successfully launch the SNS. I have the best wishes for them and eagerly anticipate further developments.


Thank you @infu and @MCLYang your contributions were great to see this morning (for me) and I hope @zed.emc @alxgoh and @ninadou can reciprocate with some specific answers to your focussed questions. There were many other good questions worth finding in the long thread above that could be answered specifically by your team regarding platform tech and DAO governance that would be well worth replying to.
Let’s keep this on track to educate the ICP community about your team and work and build trust and confidence on both sides of a healthy debate.


Despite of EMC team efforts, it looks like the ICP community is still holding back their trust because they haven’t been able to fully verify EMC project. It’s a tough spot to be in, but it’s not a dead end.

Quick question for Dfinity & Dom who has met the EMC team personally & due dilligent of the project. How high is your confidence level to the EMC project ? Does Dfinity have the same confidence level as they are as a seed funder for OpenChat project ? Because simple statement from @zire Herbert Yang “EMC is not a scam”, “We have met personally with the team” are still not convincing enough.

Alternatively, EMC could consider not rushing to SNS launch, and instead focus on running the project for some time to earn trust from the ICP community. Building a track record of successful operations and delivering on their promises will help establish credibility and gain the community’s confidence


After spending some time reading through various posts, I have come to understand the points of contention. Firstly, there are doubts about the authenticity and implementation of the EMC project, as well as concerns that progress has been made too quickly, which seems to be inconsistent with common sense. Secondly, there are questions about whether there are real, substantial demands for AI developers and applications, or whether there is a lack of such demand. Of course, there are also other technical viewpoints that have been discussed.

“Let me say this: voting is a small step, but a big step for the development of AI. We all understand this truth, and we understand it even more deeply in our hearts. Whether it’s AI or EMC, they are just the beginning. The arrival of a new era cannot be stopped, and it is up to individuals to choose their own path. I believe that EMC will find the best path for itself. It’s like describing the taste and texture of ice cream to someone who has never tasted it before - it’s hard to put into words. Some people may find it delicious, while others may find it disgusting. The only way to truly know is to try it for yourself. Perhaps you are better at describing it than anyone else. In Eastern culture, going with the flow and hard work are the answers to why EMC is here and why it has gained momentum.”


Before I sign off for a while, let me share a moment of good humour with everyone in amongst this serious discussion.

I got the chuckles when I read part of your post @MCLYang which you might forgive me for quoting here:

This is a beautiful semantic near-miss!
Or is it? Any chance of an new 8yeargangDAO NFT mint for budding “IC gangsters” @MillionMiles ?? :joy:


We will gradually disclose relevant codes, contract audits, AI application data, and more based on the pace of the EMC project, feedback from the IC community, and the requirements of SNS.

We have been an open-source project from the very beginning, but due to certain competition or policy reasons, we need to protect some outstanding developers and builders.

Through extensive communication with the ICP community at friendly meetups in Hong Kong and the DFINITY Foundation, the development of the Asia-Pacific region and the AI field by ICP are one of the crucial reason for our choice of ICP. The EMC team took the risk of rejecting invitations from other public chains and specifically chose ICP.

Since we have chosen ICP to grow together among public chains, we will not let unfounded remarks affect our progress. At this moment, it is important to respect and believe in those who support us and let the codes influence those who doubt.

Not only EMC, but ICP, ETH, BTC, and even Tesla have all experienced moments of being misunderstood. That is not important. What matters is that we know who we are, where we want to go, and what changes we want to bring to the entire Web3 ecosystem.


haha, bro, you deserved an 8YearGangDAO NFT #SoulWarrior :grinning:

Dear Lachlan,

Nice meeting you here! It was a pleasure to talk over Zoom and share some of our ideas with each othe.

I am glad to see your rational and international comments on the forum. It is true that the EMC team may not align with the Western and IC community’s style in terms of information disclosure, but we are more than willing to engage in discussions with valuable voices and show more codes, data and thoughts.

In the current fast-paced development of AI, the EMC team engages in regular discussions with multiple teams that aspire to enter the AI field. I believe that discussing SNS, EMC, and ICP alone is too narrow of a focus. We should concentrate on how to enable more AI startups to leverage Web3 and computing power to create better products, promote better markets, and win over their own communities/DAOs in a friendly manner.

Currently, the hourly pricing for a 4xA100 system is around $16 for AWS, $13 for Azure(adjusted from monthly rate) and $10 for GCP, and as a result, an OpenAI research piece this January found that the cost of training a large AI model can already range from $3m to $12m, with prices growing at an exponential rate of 0.49 OOM per year, while even smaller models can cost upwards of $80k (Trends in the dollar training cost of machine learning systems). At this rate of growth, we project that the less dominant corporations in this ~$120B market(CAGR ~37%) will soon find it financially prohibitive to continue training AI models in this manner, which in turn represents a sizeable block of EMC’s potential userbase (Artificial Intelligence Market Size & Share Analysis Report 2030, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Size, Growth, Report 2022-2030).

What’s more is inference costs: as a practical case study deployed on EMC for computation requirements, an AI image generation product (showed the early post, Lingchuang) we’re currently collaborating with has around 5000-6000 DAU at the moment, with 50000+ images being generated daily. They’re currently looking at 30 V100 or 50 3090 GPU’s worth of computing resources as they plan for 100k+ new users in the following months.

On AWS, each regular illustration call costs them about .7 cents to run, amounting to approx. $70000 in inference costs only, bound to scale exponentially with userbase growth.

So, it’s a reason why we need SNS to obtain ICP and EMC liquidity, thus enable these AI developers to enter at a low cost while providing tangible benefits to idle miners. This will undoubtedly promote the prosperity of the entire ICP ecosystem and contribute to the rise in the price of ICP tokens. :rofl: After joining the ICP ecosystem, my friends and I have also started purchasing ICP, so we consider ourselves part of the community as well. :rofl:


I’ve been thinking about getting me one of those! My paltry 10 ICP staked for 8 feels too small to qualify myself for one, but then maybe I should take my own advice and be brave enough to commit more.

Off to find me a #SoulWarrior mate. :laughing:


Hello, whale!

Although I am just a small individual investor in ICP, I have dedicated almost all of my savings and income to the crypto industry and investments. I have also experienced many idealistic but failed projects and beautifully packaged but fraudulent projects.

However, I still believe in data ownership and production relationships and how crucial they are for the upcoming AI era.

Despite all the frustrations and disappointments I have faced, I still hold onto hope. Web3 enables humanity to have ownership of their data assets in the AI intelligent world, providing a new direction and path for building new production relationships in the intelligent world.

Please don’t lose hope. Web3, the crypto industry, and steadfast believers and practitioners like us are still here. And now that we have come together in the IC community, let us strive once again for the betterment of the entire Web3 through the breakthrough of AI.


The reason that EMC attracted me is because of what Alex described as “the scavenger of GPU power”. As my other world is in pure AI (mostly inferencing) , i am actutely aware about the costs associated with it. (I run most of the workflows on runpod).

I think EMC nicely fits with ICP; but I think that implications of AI are going to be much more profound.

In any event, i think it would be very useful to have a functioning website which describes the EMC and how to take it for a spin. I am beginning to create some of the content for this;but i have much to learn about EMC.


We have IC People, Squad, Army , Renegades so yeah Gangster sure seems like a fresh approach :slight_smile:


Thanks to your openness towards new projects. :slightly_smiling_face:

After comparing several major public chains, we found that ICP is extremely suitable for the EMC project and the AI track in terms of technology, security, and user experience (reverse gas). Therefore, we quickly reached a consensus with the DFINITY Foundation and have been in close communication regarding the compatibility between EMC Layer2 and ICP Layer1.

After the intense discussion during this SNS, the EMC team has gained more assistance from IC developers, accelerating the integration of the two layers and speeding up the development of Openverse. We are implementing SDKs in multiple languages such as Java, Rust, Python, Go, etc., to enable fast onboarding of more AI developers, including many developers from internet giants like Alibaba. These codes will undergo thorough reviews and audits before the launch of SNS.

You can find more technical articles and weekly technical updates about EMC on Mora. Mora - Eternal Fellowship

Additionally, if you’re interested, you’re welcome to join the EMC Discord’s developer group. Discord Since most EMC developers are from Singapore and China, we are more accustomed to collaborating on platforms like WeChat and Feishu. Therefore, your assistance and participation in the global Discord community are greatly appreciated.


Yes, this post has far surpassed the scope of SNS, discussing the differences between Eastern and Western developer communities, the future of AI and Web3, the inclusiveness of ICP, and the openness of EMC.

Currently, EMC has established a foundation in Singapore. Although EMC has received invitations from Crypto VCs, we prefer to launch EMC from the community and form our own DAO. Projects like this have tremendous potential and are not controlled by VCs, truly belonging to the open and inclusive Web3.

We believe that SNS is a good pathway to DAO, so we will continue to gradually disclose information and meet the checklists of SNS, while incorporating code and integrating with ICP to gain the trust from the community.

The skepticism from the IC community is understandable, but some discussions have indeed been a waste of time. As experienced developers who have worked on large-scale user products, we have witnessed the enormous potential that AI brings to the Web3 industry. We are working tirelessly to onboard these soon-to-be-unemployed Web2 developers as quickly as possible.


Technology: https://edgematrix.pro/technology

Ecosystem: https://edgematrix.pro/ecosystem

Openverse: https://edgematrix.pro/openverse

You can continue to learn about the architecture and economic system of EMC on the official website. These architectures have been repeatedly discussed and validated by experts in mathematics, finance, cryptography, large-scale systems, cloud services, entrepreneurs and investors.

In terms of mining, we have engaged in communication with several ETH and Filecoin mining farms. On the AI front, we are collaborating with numerous AGI startup teams and engineers to refine Openverse. Regarding the tokenomic and IC integration, we are in constant communication with the DFINITY Foundation and more IC developers to enhance the architecture.

EMC is still evolving and incomplete, and EMC team welcome more participation and contributions from the IC community, then we make ICP become the World Computer together. :grinning:


Hello Nina!

I appreciated the 30min call with you and Alex to answer my questions about EMC network node types and their purpose. It did help me to better understand your technical architecture and Alex gave a good explanation of the project history in the short time we had.

Thank you for your detailed explanation of the market opportunity EMC is addressing. The pricing and market numbers with reference links are specific and appear testable by anyone here wanting to understand the AI market opportunity. Evidence-based explanations like this are what I think the ICP community wants and needs to understand and gain confidence in the EMC project.
Taking this same approach to sharing specific details and data to answer community questions about how EMC will integrate with the IC platform and utilise requested community funds after launch would also be appreciated.

It is true that the EMC team may not align with the Western and IC community’s style in terms of information disclosure, but we are more than willing to engage in discussions with valuable voices and show more codes, data and thoughts.

I would encourage the EMC team members to actively and positively reconnect with those IC community members who have posed the strongest challenges. With goodwill on both sides of the discussion you may be able to overcome their skepticism and, if not, at least some mutual respect may be established. It is possible to make some of your sharpest critics into your strongest future supporters if you recognise their skepticism comes from a desire to protect the IC project and make it stronger.
Misunderstandings are naturally owned by both sides, it what we do about it thats counts for something.