Upcoming EMC(EdgeMatrix Computing) SNS Decentralization Sale

@Icdev2dev offered to delay his technical report if the EMC team need more time to publish their source code so maybe some more patience is fair to ask for.

Clearly the team has not been using GitHub repos to develop the code base, only using it to publish now.

I have just asked about current status of code access n the EMC Discord server and received a prompt answer that included a new repo with another codebase (not yet all of it IIUC): EMCProtocol-dev

I believe it is reasonable to await this progressive release of code and information from the EMC team. What matters is that this information arrives with time for the community to review and discuss before any SNS launch proposal is submitted to the NNS.


Thank you very much. We did consider anti-fraud mechanisms during the design phase, but unfortunately, we missed a sentence when writing it into the white paper. This was our mistake and we have now made the necessary revisions. The missing detail is that transaction rewards are based on transaction fees rather than the total transaction amount.


Thanks for responding for them looking at the JS Monorepo (This is project reference ethereumjs-monorepo) just brings up more questions but as you said we have to wait.

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First of all, thank you for the DD you have done for the community. It must have taken a lot of development time to reply to all the messages on the forum, and at this stage, time is too luxurious for us. If it is not too much trouble, the EMC team will hold an AMA specifically for the IC community, and we would like to invite you and any other community members to participate. We will address all the questions at once. Looking forward to your and others’ responses.


I think that would be an excellent idea especially if members of the EMC code dev team are available to answer some of the more technical questions that are sure to be asked.


Just stick to SNS Launch Checklist and save your

When you are done let us know. Thank you for ignoring me, best of luck.

@Icdev2dev @ZackDS @Ivan You can read and review this Edge Matrix Stable Diffusion Sample here which is just open-sourced.

This project is based on the EMC network nodes and provides a UI tool for dynamically generating images based on node information and a configured IDL.json file.


The Edge Matrix Stable Diffusion Sample is a tool that utilizes the data generated by EMC network nodes to generate visual representations in the form of images. By leveraging the node information and the provided IDL.json configuration file, this tool enables users to create visually appealing images that depict the data in an intuitive manner.


  • Generates images based on EMC network node data
  • Uses the provided IDL.json configuration file
  • User-friendly UI for interacting with the tool
  • Enables easy visualization and analysis of data from EMC network nodes


  1. Clone the repository: git@github.com:EMCProtocol-dev/EMC-SD.git
  2. Install dependencies: npm install


  1. Configure the IDL.json file according to your requirements.
  2. Start the tool by running the command: npm start
  3. Access the tool through the provided URL in your browser.
  4. Interact with the UI to generate images based on the EMC network node data.


Contributions are welcome! Please fork the repository and submit a pull request with your improvements or bug fixes.



Taking a literal interpretation of an obviously off-mark phrase translation seems a bit harsh.
But your point about responding to all the items in the launch checklist is a fair one.

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No one is ignoring you, bro. Why are you so irritable and dissatisfied? I have learned to control my emotions. Since we are planning to arrange an AMA, it is a concentrated way to answer questions. Is it a sin if I cannot reply to you immediately? Of course, I hope that there are many people in the team who can handle external affairs and answer all questions promptly, but there are too many things to deal with. Fairly speaking, EMC is not launching on SNS tomorrow. We also want to gather feedback from the community and learn from it, so why can’t we have a little patience? It is frustrating to respond to BS like this.


So is https://oregon.edgematrix.xyz/ hosted on AWS? Also what is an example of IDL.json?

First of all dear anonymous user we are not BROS. Second I would choose my translated language more carefully after all you posted so far. Will wait for the AMA.

https://oregon.edgematrix.xyz/ is just testing router for api example of IDL.json, Of course, you can buy a cloud server to run a node as long as the cost can be covered. If you want to test it yourself, it’s best to run a node locally, install an AI application, and switch the Node ID for testing.

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thanks bro…oops friend.

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Thanks for the compliment. I can imagine you being streched on time.

Specifically on my two points (and tagging @ninadou @alxgoh )

(1) On the open sourcing of the majority of the EMC Protocol. is it reasonable for your team to check-in into github in 5-7 days from now?. If not, when?

(2) Since 5 AI teams are already using the emc platform, could someone from your team provide introductions to 2/3 of the teams so that i can independently reachout to them to gain a feel of their experience on using EMC?

The AMA would be great to have after these two tasks have been completed; so that the community will be able to provide more meaningful feedback.


@ZackDS folks flagged your comment, but I removed the flag it because I read your comments to be unsatisfied with the process not the person. However, I ask you please moderate your tone in the future because I think it is too aggressive and flirts with ad hominem.

Sound reasonable?


Reasonable enough, will try my best thank you.


Thanks a bunch. Much appreciated

This is cool! Just to firm my understanding of this…

One could become a node provider by running a node locally & ultimately get paid for running this node IF other folks use this node for it’s compute.

Obviously used servers(ETH miners) would make the most sense; because the cost has already been amortized and because of global supply of GPU issues. Also some clever LLMs can make use of CPU+GPU; so that again makes sense.

All book keeping, proof of providing useful compute etc from EMC as layer 2 would be settling in IC as layer 1.

Did i get that right?


Thanks for the feedback. Indeed it is impressive.

Btw my first camera was a b/w Agfa. Brought back so many memories!

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To be fair and consistent this request for moderating interpersonal comments should apply to @zed.emc too.

Way back in this thread, before the discussion degraded, I found this this explanation of the very different environment the EMC Dev team are working under:

@zed.emc could you explain a little more about how your technical team works given these constraints (unfamiliar to many of us). For example, does EMC team keep shared code repositories on your own servers because of this legal environment rather than “developing in the open”?

Are there impacts on sharing code on public internet platforms such as GitHub due to PRC export controls such as cryptographic security technology, artificial intelligence interactive interface technology referred to the last row of the table in section 1 of that linked article?

If this public forum isn’t the best place to share specific answers to those questions then maybe DM to @Icdev2dev might assist and more generic statements might be shared here.

For those interested, it is worth reading that whole article. Also the “About” section of that site might be of use to anyone assisting behind the scenes.

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