Unreal Engine 5 bridge to Internet Computer using WebRTC

We’re very proud to announce the release of our full documentation and sample projects (web and UE5) for a bridge solution between Unreal Engine 5 and a particular blockchain - the Internet Computer.

There’s a lot to unpack but we hope we did a decent job with our medium post describing it all:

This documentation covers linking a PC app to a web app, opened on the same local network. It made a lot of practical sense for our specific use case where we wanted to have a PC VR app reading NFT data from the blockchain. We’ll expand this to be more platform agnostic in the future.
VR is perhaps not the ideal medium to directly handle cryptographic authentication and transactions so our idea was to have a companion web app, hosted on-chain, handling all the crypto stuff and have a bridge between the VR app and this web app.
This also works great for mobileVR which, to our knowledge, don’t support full cryptographic standards like a modern iOS/Windows/Android device would.

We’ve very interested in your feedback on our approach and any ideas into expanding this further.
Currently we’re working on supporting mobileVR (android) pairing to the IC.


Interesting. I would love to read more about this.

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Sounds extremely cool. Decentralized gaming has a ways to go but I’m all for its evolution.