Try new version of The Wall, out now

The Wall is a crossover Ethereum/Internet Computer demo app. Use Metamask to login to Internet Computer. Then, write on the wall!

The Wall is like Twitter on speed but the other way around - it’s just short messages in a feed, most functionality you love is missing. :sparkles: New in this version: Every user gets their own wall! Click on any username or address to filter the wall. Check out users:
- Elon
- Madmen

The app uses the public key cryptography of Metamask to generate a secure IC identity without having to rely on external login methods. Linking an eth account to an IC principal allows the use of IC as a layer 2 scaling solution and off chain application platform.

The Wall is a guaranteed 100% server free experience.

Live on ic:

Same wall, hosted on Fleek - backed by ic:


  • Post timestamps are now displayed.
  • Project updated to use dfx 0.8.0 and js libs v0.10.0.
  • Switch of UI platform, from Next.js to Create React App.



And the GitHub repo is here:

Backend: Rust
Frontend: React (Create React App), Tailwind CSS, Web3-react, Ethers


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