Unreal Engine 5 and the internet computer

I’m not sure if I’m asking the right form but I’ve been pondering this question. If a dev wanted to develop a local application game created within Unreal engine 5, would ICP be efficient enough to host the web services of this game?
Im talking about like a huge multiplayer game where lobby’s have around 100 people in them with minimal lag. I can’t find any info if ICP is capable of doing this. Are we at too early of a stage for this?


I guess my question was a stupid question that I’ll never know the answer to

Cannot be achieved :rofl:

I think it’s possible but it’s the lag time I’m worried about. I’ve been developing a game on my free time and just wanted to see if the icp is capable since I think that would be really cool to have a game on the PlayStation/Xbox store that’s hosted by the ic.

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No I think it’s a reasonable question. I don’t think that’s something that is possible now. Way too early.

Understandable. Thanks

Hi @Jabberwocky and good question.
I don’t think real time multiplayer game can work on the IC, because of the time an update takes (~2s) : block time resolution.
Queries on the other hand is pretty fast (~200ms) so the way I see it, your game needs to be somewhat asynchronous/not real time to be playable.


We just wrote a medium post describing our companion app approach to this issue.

To answer your question, the IC as it is right now might be efficient enough to host the web services of a multiplayer game but would certainly not meet the latency requirement for any real-time interaction game scenario. What you could do is either use a hybrid model where only NFTs and, generally, persistent data is stored on the IC or use an extended version of our WebRTC approach or the WebSockets approach that psychedelic has put forth recently.